50 Shades of Trainers – Part 2

11.  There are places for fat personal trainers.  I personally have no problem with fat trainers that coach in power lifting or strongman events nor do I have an issue with fat trainers that have lost a significant amount of weight and want to pay it forward by helping other individuals lose weight.  I have personally known one trainer that was near 300 lbs and looked like the type of person that was exceptional at consuming buffets.  Truth is, he had lost more than 100 lbs before enrolling in a trainer certification course.  In his own words, “You know you are fat when you can lose nearly an entire person, or in my case a petite woman….and still be fat.”  He is a dedicated athlete that engages in multiple types of sports and is working to lose another 50-70 lbs.   In my opinion, unless the trainer falls into one of the above categories most people will not take workout or dietary advice seriously from them.  All they will see is something that looks like this:


12.  Just because the trainer is young does not mean they are incapable of servicing older clients.


Ok…maybe this one is a little toooooo young. 

13.  Just because the trainer is older than you, doesn’t mean they can’t kick your butt.





14. Just because the trainer happens to have a wonderful physique, does not mean he or she knows how to sculpt someone else’s physique.   

15.  For the ladies, any male trainer that only seems to service young(er) female clients should be approached with caution…unless of course he happens to work at a ladies only gym.

16.  Tapping off of #15, you do not want a male trainer that does this:



nor do you want the trainer that say’s  “Anna, I have a few props I want you to work out with….here are two shake weights and a stripper pole.”  (Note: Not all props are a bad thing, but like anything else they can be overused and abused.)

17.    The worst things you can say to a trainer:  

“Let’s go Monkey Boy”….You magically turned your planned workout into legs day.  The sheer number of variations of squats is unbelievable, and I have 20+ years of experience to draw from.  

“I need a tough trainer, you don’t look so tough.” …Bad move, just plain bad.  Some of those trainers may be gentlemen and ladies off of the floor, but turn into beasts on the floor.  Loud, fast, physical and demanding beasts who’s favorite words include “again” “faster” “deeper” and “Keep going until the timer (which you will never see) runs out.”   

18. Do not pass judgement on the smaller male trainers.  There is one trainer out there that is not the most visually impressive  or physically intimidating guy you will meet.  He’s about 5ft 8in, 165 lbs, smaller frame but still athletic looking.  He also happens to be former Special Forces.  I guarantee that person can train you and help you reach goals.  

19. Not all trainers are created equal….highly credentialed or not.



20.  There are trainers with phenomenal levels of knowledge in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics…you know…the sciencey stuff…..can they explain things in lay terms or are they simply spouting off big words to impress you?  


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