About Chris

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I am retired military veteran with more 25 years of training experience and multiple professional certifications. In addition to my role as a fitness educator and strength coach I head an international network of fitness professionals with a wide variety of specializations.

Parting Clouds

I am a multi-time former national and state Karate champion and coach to multiple national, Pan-American and International competitors.  I was blessed to serve as an instructor in the United States and Japan.

My philosophy is that personal training is client defined, and that the gifts of strength and mobility are qualities we can improve at any point in life. I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from a coach that truly cares.

I use methods that have stood the tests of time in creating favorable physiologic adaptations for centuries. I am not one for fads or fluff.  All training is based on where you are starting from and the most effective tools and programs are custom built to fit your needs and goals.

This is my direction in life.  As your coach I aspire to affect your life in a positive way and to be an influence within my profession.

Current Certifications and Specializations


Westside Barbell Athletic Trainer/Personal Training

Kabuki Movement Systems L1 Educated

Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

DVRT Sandbags Restoration

USPA Powerlifting Coach (State record holder with USPA and WABDL)

Starrett Mobility WOD L1 Specialist

Dragon Door HKC Kettlebell Instructor



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