50 Shades of Trainers – Part 3

For those of you just joining the 50 Shades series, I invite you to the visit the previous blogs located here : https://mytrainerchris.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/50-shades-of-trainers-part-1/

and here:


now on to part 3…..

21.  Trainers: If you are not motivating, dependable or care about your clients results then you don’t belong in this career field.

22.  Clients:  If you are going to frequently no-show on your trainer without giving notice then you can expect a few outcomes: (1) Every workout session you DO make will be legs day.  (2) Your trainer won’t bother putting together any long term programming for you, and simply make up your workouts on the spot.   (3) The trainer might fire you. (4) You won’t see results. (5) If your a member of a box gym, your trainer will warn other trainers about your flakiness.

23, Adding visual emphasis to #22, Personally I consider you lucky if all you get is leg day workouts.  This is better than the other possible outcomes.  That said, you will wish you had one of these installed in your home:

Post Leg Day

24.  I’m convinced that one of the secrets to an effective workout is “looking cool.”    By this I mean lifting something or performing an action that is within your physical limitations and with proper form.  In my opinion, this young lady looks pretty cool:

SkirtSports_Gym-1024x1024While this man looks decidedly uncool:

back leg press



26.  A good trainer will keep #’s 24 and 25 in check, provided they are #21 and you are not #22.   Pretty cool how I linked those bits together huh?

27.  You trainers job is to motivate, educate, innervate and eventually graduate you into a lifestyle of fitness.  Their job is not just to “deliver a workout” or “scare your fat into a coma.”

28.  A good trainer knows when you truly need assistance, and when you need to accomplish something on your own.

Light weight baby

29.  There are, and always will be overly chatty people at the gym.  While I have nothing to support my belief, I firmly believe this is where the idea for noise cancelling headphone technology originated.  Overly chatty clients are something a good trainer can control, Overly chatty trainers cause me concern.   During my private workouts I try to focus on my own work and prefer the least amount of distractions possible.  There have been days I truly felt like this:


….and I know that I’m not alone in this sentiment.

30.  Your trainer should not be trying to sell you supplements beyond what has been medically proven as safe.  The list is fairly short: Protein, Creatine, Branch Chain Amino Acids, Multi-Vitamins and Fish Oil.

BudWhey frabz-I-clearly-dont-lift-But-lemme-tell-you-what-supplements-to-take-e7681f


4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Trainers – Part 3

  1. Bernice Rice-Baker

    Chris, bravo!! I finally found a trainer that I have alway pictured in my mind. Not only do you take pride in your performance, but you also apply common sense to your dissemination of health and wellness knowledge. Thank you, thank you!!!

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