50 Shades of Trainers – Part 5

For those visiting for the first time, I cordially invite you to read the previous 4 parts of my 50 Shades of Trainers series.





and now, the long awaited conclusion…..

41.  Unless there is something going on that will endanger the lives or safety of others, your trainer should only be looking at you.

NEVER like this:


ONLY like this: Hawk

42.  Fitness is a way of life. This includes resistance training, Cardiovascular training, stretching/joint mobility, nutrition and fun. A single path will get you far, but the collective brings about the greatest results.

Booze Workout

43.  Clients: Your trainer should not be afraid of answering your questions.  That is part of the reason they were hired.   That said, asking too many questions will cut into training time,  Personally I love it when a client asks questions, especially when I don’t know the answer.  This prompts me to locate the answer, digest it and be able to provide an explanation in lay terms.


44.  Trainers:  If your client asks you a question that you honestly don’t know the answer to then tell them the truth, look it up and get back to them with the answer.  DO NOT LIE or try to BS your way through it!  

45.  Crossing your arms while your client is working out, not paying strict attention to the client or standing  around with your hands in your pockets are sure fire ways of marketing yourself as a trainer people will not want to hire.  Seriously, when have you ever read a job advertisement that read

“Personal Trainer sought for employment with a high clientele gym.  Applicant must possess a smug look. impatient personality, keen inattentiveness and generally unprofessional appearance.”

46.  Trainers: If you want to be the best, treat every client as if they are your only client, continually learn from the best and be honest about your strong and weak points. Do not fall prey to complacency, continually educate yourself.

47.  Trainers: Clients are not your test subjects.  Just because you learned a new technique 3 a.m the night before does not give you the go-ahead to try it on your clients.  How can you prescribe something that you don’t fully comprehend?


“Nope, nothing unsafe here..maybe I can add a hop!”

48.  Clients: If your trainer fires you as their client, it is most likely because (1) You have missed too many sessions without giving them any sort of notice.  (2) You have not made a single effort on your side of the training (extra sleep, proper food intake, showing up for training sober etc.)  or (3) You are always behind in your payments.  Aside from getting you nowhere towards your goals, these actions are harming your social credit.  Do you honestly believe a higher-end trainer would be willing to risk their reputation or free up time on their schedule for someone that is not committed to fitness or is financially unreliable?

49. Trainers: Firing clients is a necessary evil from time to time, but this must be the absolute LAST option, not the first pick.  While I fully understand the importance of time=money and our image being reflected in the results of our clients, I ask you why did we enter this profession in the first place? To help people.  Sometimes we as trainers need to help people help themselves.  Please realize there are a few clients that we simply can’t help, or perhaps you are simply not the trainer that can help them.  This is life.

50.  Clients and Trainers:  Find the joy in your client-trainer relationship.  Both of you should be happy to see each other every session and you both should appreciate the results earned.  One rep, One Inch, One ounce, One set, One pound, One muscle and One drop of Sweat…they are all results, they are all earned, One percent at a time.



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