50 Shades of Trainers – Part 1

Despite the widespread availability of personal trainers and information about them, there are myths and misconceptions that still persist.  This is part 1 of a 5 part blog to shed a little light on 50 of them.

1. A degree in exercise science or kinesiology does not always make a you better than a non-degree holding ACSM, NSCA, NASM et al certified trainer. In some cases the non-degree’d trainers practical experience and communication skills alone will run rings around someone without practical experience.

2. A degree in exercise science or kinesiology does stand the test of time, however that does not mean the holders information is the most current.

3.  Holding a higher prestige level certification does not give a trainer the right to think less of trainers without those certifications.

4. Not all trainers were lifetime athletes.  Some were never athletes or were the kids that were picked last for sports, some are outright nerds.


5. Not all trainers information is based on current research.  There are plenty out there that are decades behind in their teachings and practice and more than a few that continue to perpetuate myths.

6. In the 80’s-90’s a lot of trainers were called “meatheads.”  This term is still pretty popular.   “Alphamales” or “Alpha types” seems to have become more widespread lately, even to the point where female trainers are called Alpha-Females.  Neither meathead nor Alpha-X are warranted as a blanket description…..despite my meatheadedness.

6. Trainers do NOT get all the women.


7.  The trainer that is delivering a “Biggest Loser” style workout (Jillian Michaels mean, not Bob Harper relaxed) has probably watched too much television.  There is a distinct line between motivating someone and trying to turn them into a blob of sweaty tapioca.

8. There are trainers that train ALL of their clients the same regardless of goals and trainers that train ALL of their clients the same exact way the trainer trains.  You don’t want either of these trainers, you want the one that will train you as a unique individual.  (Group exercise instructors are exempt from this rule.)

9. Your goal may require a trainer with subject matter expertise and that expertise is not always covered with degrees or certifications.  One example would be for those with bodybuilding aspirations.  You would want a trainer that has experience as a competitive bodybuilder.

10.  Spandex is a privilege,not a right.  Your trainer may be lying to you.


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