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Disordered Eating

“Your ideal body weight is the range where you feel healthy and fit, have no signs of an eating disorder to maintain that weight, and have healthy functioning immune and reproductive systems.”   Dr. Carol Otis

I am not a Registered Dietician, nor do I hold myself out as an expert in nutrition science, biochemistry or food psychology.  That said, I am not without some knowledge on the subjects and happen to know a few people that are very sharp in those areas. I subscribe to the idea of eating like an adult, and enjoying a variety of foods.

Each state in the United States has its own set of nutrition laws(1) and personal trainer certifications draw professional lines when it comes to dietary advice and prescription. The prescription of supplements is generally outside of a personal trainers scope of practice. This of course does not mean there are not trainers profiting, or recommending them.


“It is the responsibility of the personal trainer to educate clients about the risks of disordered eating and to avoid promoting risky weight loss behaviors or setting unrealistic goals.”  NSCA Essentials of Personal Training, 2nd Ed.

There are short, and longterm medical and psychological implications associated with disordered eating, which includes anorexia and bulimia nervosa, in addition to fad dieting,highly restrictive diets (I.E. the Grapefruit diet) or more extreme dietary approaches.

“You who are so good with words, and at keeping things vague…”                     Diamonds and Rust, Joan Baez

As a trainer, you were hired under the presumption that you were educated and professionally competent.  Whether it be the truth or not, your words still matter, at least to an uneducated population. An inappropriate comment, questionable supplement advice/prescription or unrealistic goals or before and after photos(2) can serve as a trigger for someone already susceptible to disordered eating.

Nearly 100% of all disordered eating cases I’ve come across over the decades involved the use of questionable supplements.

When friends or acquaintances present me the supplements they are being told to purchase, I immediately check labels for a few things; Is this a single ingredient or multi-ingredient formulation? If multi-ingredient, is anything marked as “proprietary”?,  If multi-ingredient (with or without a proprietary formulation), how many ingredients contain stimulant, diuretic or laxative properties?  Lastly, “What does this formulation contain that has evidence of being effective for the users intended purpose, and what is the strength of the evidence?”

Remember, I stated that I’m DON’T consider myself an expert in these matters.  Las Vegas odds suggest there is a 50% chance that I know more about the product than the person selling it to you.

1. http://www.nutritionadvocacy.org/laws-state



Getting rid of that belly fat! (Part 1)

Hi everyone, the popularity of my blogs on losing weight but not size:


and losing inches but not pounds


has prompted me to put up some handy tips to help get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

Eat Protein rich foods.
Protein is difficult for your body to convert to fat.  You have to burn calories just to process it.

Hot Wings eating contests are not the best choice when trying to get extra protein in your diet.

Say no to HFCS
High-fructose corn syrup.  The sooner this item appears in the ingredient list, the more of the nasty stuff there will be.   The increase of its use has paralleled the rise in obesity in the United States.

Get off your butt.
With all due respect to Sir Mix- A-Lot, I recommend you try to stand more than you sit.  If capable, perform more exercises standing than sitting or laying.

Mix Upper and Lower body movements 
Clients of mine will hate this, but combining upper and lower body movements in supersets (I.E. Squats to Barbell press) is calorically expensive.

Read the board in the background.  Jack was a man ahead of his times.  BTW- The title of this episode was “Don’t eat this stuff”

Do work!
Jack LaLanne viewed any type of vigorous work as a chance to train the body.  We were made to move.

RIding Lawn Mowers do not count.  The engines and suspension systems in the high end units prevents any possible “Jiggle Off” effects.

Snack Sensibly Nosh on nutrient dense/low calorie snacks over salty/sugary/fatty snacks.

Take larger steps when walking, walk faster, jog, run and by all means sprint if you can.  Take the stairs over the elevator both up and down.  

Rent motivation.
Watch: Rocky, 300, Fight Club, Pumping Iron, Act of Valor.  Read: Superman and MyTrainer Chris.

Yes…I know the guy on the left got screwed over by the guy on the right, but in all honesty, which guy would you RATHER have been in this situation ? (before aforementioned screwjob)


The Zombie Apocalypse really does hit and you have to rely on your fitness as well as wits to survive. Lets just suppose these zombies are the fast aggressive door opening intelligent types, not the slower than you types.  Visualize yourself at your destination, where you want to be, what you want to be able to do. Focus-Breathe-Focus (Repeat)

This is daydreaming gone wrong.  Taking a guess here… I’m fairly certain this gentleman is not a current special forces operator…..unless Candy Land has received sovereign nation status and has military power.  (P.S.  Is it me, or is that an exceptionally large amount of pouches?)

Hit a PB (Personal Best, not the Peanut Butter)
Challenge yourself each week, each session if needed.  This ensures you’re always burning more calories from one workout to the next.  Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning coaches that track each of your workouts, set and establish goals and challenge you are a decided plus.  The CrossFit community has their boards, I have my iPod and playlist, you have YOUR motivation.

Think it, Ink it, pursue it with all your heart, don’t let go and don’t give up.