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Disordered Eating

“Your ideal body weight is the range where you feel healthy and fit, have no signs of an eating disorder to maintain that weight, and have healthy functioning immune and reproductive systems.”   Dr. Carol Otis

I am not a Registered Dietician, nor do I hold myself out as an expert in nutrition science, biochemistry or food psychology.  That said, I am not without some knowledge on the subjects and happen to know a few people that are very sharp in those areas. I subscribe to the idea of eating like an adult, and enjoying a variety of foods.

Each state in the United States has its own set of nutrition laws(1) and personal trainer certifications draw professional lines when it comes to dietary advice and prescription. The prescription of supplements is generally outside of a personal trainers scope of practice. This of course does not mean there are not trainers profiting, or recommending them.


“It is the responsibility of the personal trainer to educate clients about the risks of disordered eating and to avoid promoting risky weight loss behaviors or setting unrealistic goals.”  NSCA Essentials of Personal Training, 2nd Ed.

There are short, and longterm medical and psychological implications associated with disordered eating, which includes anorexia and bulimia nervosa, in addition to fad dieting,highly restrictive diets (I.E. the Grapefruit diet) or more extreme dietary approaches.

“You who are so good with words, and at keeping things vague…”                     Diamonds and Rust, Joan Baez

As a trainer, you were hired under the presumption that you were educated and professionally competent.  Whether it be the truth or not, your words still matter, at least to an uneducated population. An inappropriate comment, questionable supplement advice/prescription or unrealistic goals or before and after photos(2) can serve as a trigger for someone already susceptible to disordered eating.

Nearly 100% of all disordered eating cases I’ve come across over the decades involved the use of questionable supplements.

When friends or acquaintances present me the supplements they are being told to purchase, I immediately check labels for a few things; Is this a single ingredient or multi-ingredient formulation? If multi-ingredient, is anything marked as “proprietary”?,  If multi-ingredient (with or without a proprietary formulation), how many ingredients contain stimulant, diuretic or laxative properties?  Lastly, “What does this formulation contain that has evidence of being effective for the users intended purpose, and what is the strength of the evidence?”

Remember, I stated that I’m DON’T consider myself an expert in these matters.  Las Vegas odds suggest there is a 50% chance that I know more about the product than the person selling it to you.

1. http://www.nutritionadvocacy.org/laws-state



Diet and Exercise while traveling

A challenge faced by working adults is the occasional, or frequent need to travel. This can affect a persons consistency with their diet and exercise plans and cause some mental havoc.  I’ll be the first to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I reached out to my professional colleagues to see what advice they are providing their frequent flier clients with the following questions;

“What are your best healthy eating habits or tips for the frequent traveler?”

“Do you have any additional advice for clients on weight loss or weight management diets?”

“I went on vacation and brought back 5lbs of unwanted weight, what can I do?”

“Will a five day trip seriously affect the progress I’ve made in the gym?” (I.E loss of strength,mobility or cardio endurance)

Let’s meet your Fitness Professionals….

ANDY FRISCH is the owner of http://www.FreshEvolutionFitness.com, a growing community where he maintains an active blog and video database. He helps members to engineer their weight loss and improve their health and happiness.

Andy has also worked as a trainer with Sports Village Fitness in Lebanon,TN USA since 2011. Andy’s lengthy list of credentials include Precision Nutrition Level 1 (finishing up Level 2) Coaching, Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss Specialist, and several other specialization courses from National Academy of Sports Medicine and National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)

He is an expert in the fields of nutritional coaching and lifestyle design. He sees living a healthy and happy life from the macro perspective, while understanding how to adjust the micro level for clients to achieve their goals.

Andy’s Advice…
When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling often, a few familiar key factors come to mind. I’ve used these ideas successfully with a handful of type-A executives who are on hectic schedules. The biggest thing to consider is how to prepare best for the individual.

For example, some clients know they’ll be going out to eat, so they Google healthy restaurants within the area they’ll be staying. This allows them to know where they’ll be able to go without having to take time to decide when blood sugar is low and will power may be non-existent.

Also, asking restaurants or hotels if they offer low-glycemic, diabetic, or simply a healthy options menu can be a life-saver. Many establishments have them, though they often don’t advertise the fact.

Other clients may not have time or care to go out to eat, so they need to prepare foods that travel well. This can usually include items like different raw, unsalted nuts or dried fruits for energy (depending on their dietary habits), as well as healthy types of jerky or even protein powders prepacked into ziploc baggies.

If you’re in a pinch and don’t feel comfortable hitting an unfamiliar restaurant, find a local grocery store. You’ll be able to make healthier choices that you’re more familiar with, provided your hotel room has a mini-fridge and a microwave, if needed.

In addition, the closer you can keep your travel lifestyle to match your home healthy lifestyle, the better off you’ll be. Sneaking in even 15 minutes of a quick workout can help rev up energy levels and prepare you for big meetings or presentations. I’ve even had clients who had me design a 10 minute, bodyweight workout they could do in their hotel room before a convention each morning.

Remember, your body likes a routine. While breaking it on occasion is critical to growth, being in a high stress situation, like traveling for work, is often a good time for keeping things comfortable and familiar. If you work out at home, try to work out on the road. Dial back the intensity according to your schedule, but stay active.

If you stick to these, you should be able to keep from adding any unwanted weight. However, if a few additional pounds happen to sneak onto your carry-on and you don’t notice them until you’re home in front of the mirror, it’s important not to panic.

If you’ve been doing the right things prior to leaving to lose weight, go back to those things to lose it back. The biggest mistake someone can make is to freak out about a few extra pounds, completely change up their exercise and nutrition, and get out of the healthy habits they’ve created. Stay the course, have faith, and get right back into the fight. Those pounds will disappear.

Often times, clients worry about going on vacation or business trips. They think the time away from the gym will derail all their progress. In fact, the opposite is often the case. I spend time with my clients to make sure they enjoy their vacations or trips without abandoning all their healthy habits. Sure, we alter them, but we don’t disown them.

This works wonders, as most clients return to hop on the scale and see that the break actually helped them lose a few extra pounds. They’ll also notice feeling refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated. Even my clients who “misbehave” the worst, hitting the bar and having whatever desserts they want, will only come back with 3-5 extra pounds. They don’t panic, they realize the importance of getting right back into the ring, and within a 1-3 weeks those additional pounds are sent packing.


EMMA SKELTON currently based at Proehlific Park in Greensboro, NC. http://proehlificpark.com/about-our-personal-fitness-center/. A sports and fitness center like no other, spanning 84,000 sq ft and owned and operated by ex-NFL wide receiver Ricky Proehl. Originally designed to provide coaching and sporting opportunities for children, it now offers something for all ages.

Emma is a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist through NASM and can be reached through her Facebook Page The Healthy Life. Among Emma’s current clientele are a number of frequent flyers, including her husband who travels 2 weeks out of 5 across the United States and abroad.

She primarily works with the older populations and will soon be launching a Seniors class to go alongside the higher intensity classes she also teaches.

Emma’s Advice…                                                                                              CHOOSE HOTELS WITH FREE FACILITIES IF POSSIBLE. Even at its most basic, a hotel gym will offer some sort of workout opportunity – use them!!

INVEST IN SOME RESISTANCE BANDS. These items are completely lightweight and portable and are very inexpensive. Even if you are a ‘hand-luggage only’ these will not take up any room. You can easily get a full body workout from these items and is an easy fix to keep you active even in the confines of a small hotel room. If you wanted to crank it up a notch, buy a TRX suspension kit. Again relatively small & light to pack and gives you a powerful, all over body cardio/strength workout if used correctly.

LITTLE & OFTEN. Don’t think whilst you are away you need to cram in your usual 1-2hr workouts. Even 20 – 30 minutes is better than nothing and if you are working hard enough, this is a good time to get your heart rate up and burn some serious fat! Its often hard to find time whilst traveling, especially if you are on someone else timeframe at a conference or such but just by getting up 30 minutes earlier you are guaranteed to get it done and feel better for the rest of your day!

BODYWEIGHT WORKOUTS WORK! Plan a 20 minutes high-intensity workout before you leave. I always offer my clients a few Tabata style workouts that are easy to complete whilst they travel. With a 5 minutes warm up to begin and a 5 minutes cool down at the end, 20 minutes of hard work is all you need to kick start your day. I suggest they download the ‘GYMBOSS’ app and set it a 20 second on, 10 second off intervals x8 with a 1 minute rest in between each ‘round’. That way you are getting a variety of exercises to elevate boredom and getting a kick-ass workout in at the same time! This is a short, sharp workout that requires nothing more than a pair of sneakers, their own bodyweight and some banging music helps too!!

MAKE GOOD FOOD CHOICES. This is always possibly the biggest challenge for most people. A delicious buffet cart, long, fun boozy lunches and tempting continental breakfasts all are hard to resist. I always ask my clients to remind themselves why they are doing this before eating and succumbing to temptations…. always have a little pep talk with yourself before making any bad food decisions. Just being mindful as to what your goals are and how hard you’ve worked thus far, are often all people need to stay focused. Make the best choices you possibly can… grilled proteins, no sauces (or at the very least ask for sauces to be on the side), no heavy carbs and lots and lots of green salads/veggies. Fill up on veggies is a good tip that people always seem to remember. Finally alcohol…. IF YOU HAVE TO indulge, again make good choices – try and avoid heavy beers, calorific wines and alcoholic sodas and cocktails. Chose clear liquors such as vodka and gin and pair them with diet tonics or seltzer waters flavoured with fruits such as lemons or limes. This change will cut your calorie content by half and still leaves you feeling like you have had a good night out!

“FAIL TO PREPARE, PREPARE TO FAIL” This is my go to mantra for all my clients… if you are not planning ahead you are going to fail. I suggest to all my travelers (and people who work in busy jobs too) buy a good shaker/blender cup and take it with you wherever you go. You can buy individual protein powder sachets (which avoids any awkward questions at customs!) and are a quick and easy way to keep on track and on top of your snacks and protein intakes. Quest do a good selection of flavors in individual packs. Other ‘quick fixes’ I suggest include Protein Bars (but they have to be the good quality kind, BPI do a good one as well as Pro-Bar which are delicious but are slightly denser with carbs content). My husband also packs Ostrim bars and Turkey Jerky too for a quick protein pick me up. Finally, this is so important and even more so if you are flying regularly – HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Water needs to be your best friend, your body will thank you for it!


RENAE BOHALL ROCHON is a Certified Nutritionist and personal trainer with Four Directions Integrative Wellness located in Tempe,AZ. http://www.fdiw.org

Renae’s lifelong lover of fitness and twenty year professional dancer which included performing, teaching, and choreographing,led to her next passion of introducing exercise and wellness to people around her.  Renae has helped countless clients get into fitness for the first time in their lives, return to fitness after taking a break for various reasons including injuries, personal setbacks or complexities of living in a busy world. This has created the need to think outside the box to support her clients reach their goals. She strongly believes if you really want something, you will find a way.

Renae’s advice…
Have a plan! When you have a plan you will be more successful staying on track because you will be controlling your environment as opposed to letting your environment control you.  Pack nuts, protein bars, protein powder, beef jerky or fruit to keep you satiated. This keeps you from being a slave to the vending machine or binge eating when food is available. Stay hydrated.  Many travelers limit water consumption due to long flights, or seminars.  This can make you confuse hunger for thirst.  Choose flat water instead of soda or carbonation which can cause a build up of air and can irritate the stomach and intestinal lining.  Check out the menu at a restaurant before you get there, and plan what you will order.  This eliminates the temptation that can cause you to sabotage your healthy lifestyle.

Improvise. When there is no hotel gym that is no excuse to skip the workouts.  You can do pushups, planks, squats, dips, lunges, and burpees in a small space.  Travel with a jump rope!  It takes up little space, doesn’t weigh anything, and you can increase your heart rate within 30 seconds.  When you don’t have a choice about what is being served you do the best you can.  Skip the bread and butter, peel off breading, skip dessert, and curb alcohol consumption.  Focus on the things that are in your control.

Relax! Most likely the weight you gained with be principally water weight due to consuming more sodium and carbs than you usually have at home.  Get back to your normal eating and exercise regimen and your body should return to its pre vacation status in a few days.

You will not likely lose many of your gains. People tend to be more active on vacation than they realize. They are often walking more while at the beach, shopping, or sightseeing.  In general, research has shown that one or two weeks of inactivity won’t affect your overall fitness level. It usually takes a month to see significant decreases in strength and endurance unless you are an elite athlete. That being said, taking off 1-2 weeks can compromise your momentum.  If you have struggled with creating and maintaining consistency with your workouts, taking a break will challenge your commitment to restart.  If you have health goals, are rehabbing from an injury, have been seeing results, sleep better when you exercise, or have high performance aspirations then do not take a break.  Become solution oriented and keep moving forward.  There are plenty of difficult obstacles in life, don’t allow yourself to be one of them.

Fat Loss Skills (AKA The 11 Habits of Diet Mastery)

Source credit for the following blog goes to Josh Hillis and Dan John, authors of the book “Fat Loss Happens on a Monday.”   I highly recommend this book and you can purchase it on Amazon.com


I am currently reading “Fat Loss Happens on a Monday” and greatly enjoying it.  I believe the simplicity and reasonableness presented in the book is what appeals to me.

Over the course of my career I’ve been presented with a dizzying number of diet plans and workout routines that seem (at least to me) to require advanced degrees simply to make sense out of them.  I have often wondered how people adhere to them, as difficult things are quite hard to sustain.

MINI BLOG IN A BLOG:  A friend of mine attempted a food combining diet.  Based purely on the allowed foods list it was chock full of healthy choices.  The difficult part was you were only allowed to eat certain foods in combination with each other, some could only be eaten by themselves and some couldn’t be eaten in the same day.   To adhere to this sort of diet you would need an incredible memory, stellar food journalism skills and would likely need to carry around a rule sheet with you at all times.  Attempts at clarifying the rules led to lots of things be missed and to make matters foggier, a descendant of the diets founder had problems explaining it clearly.

Was the diet bad? No, It was quite wholesome.                                                                                   Was there any science to back up the diet?  Not that I’m aware of.  The diets originator was not a Registered Dietitian but was self-educated on the topic. The problem was the diets difficulty.

Fat loss comes down to engaging a series of habits.  The focus is on your eating habits and not some fad (well covered here on MTC.)


Everything starts with having a plan.

HABIT 1: PLAN. Plan your meals (aka your success) on either a Sunday or Monday.  Grid out 28 meals (3+A snack.)  The book recommends “free days” or “free meals” or even focusing on a single meal/meal type at a time, then adding successes from there.

Produce Aisle wholefoods                

The best stuff in your local market is usually in the outer aisles

HABIT 2: SHOP. Do your shopping on Sunday or Monday based on your plan.

Food ScalePortion-Chart

The food scale and portion proportions are handy little things in the kitchen

HABIT 3: COOK. Prepare, cook and portion the food on your plan on Sunday or Monday                                                             


              Hi-Tech or Low-Tech doesn’t matter.  What matters is honesty and consistency

HABIT 4: JOURNAL.  Keep a daily food journal.  Review your food journal weekly either on Sunday or Monday.


HABIT 5: PROTEIN.  Make sure you’re getting protein at every meal.  Shoot for 3/4 gram of protein per pound of body weight.


HABIT 6: CALORIES.  Review your food journal for the total calories consumed.  Compare your total calories to your weekly weight change..

Baby Tortoise

This guy loves eating slowly.

HABIT 7: SLOW DOWN.  Eat SLOWLY!  A meal should take at least 15 minutes to consume.


HABIT 8: 80%.  Leave the table when you are 80% full.


HABIT 9: EAT HEALTHY FATS.  Make sure you’re eating good fats at most meals.  Add good fat to meals you normally feel hungry after and see if that helps make you feel fuller.

Good Carbs

HABIT 10: QUALITY CARBS.  Check the quality of your carbohydrates.  Are your getting most of your carbs from vegetable, fruit,quinoa,brown rice and sprouted grains?


HABIT 11: GRATITUDE.  Everyday write down, or reflect on one thing you like about yourself or your body.  BE GRATEFUL FOR WHO YOU ARE!

Master one habit at a time.  Plan to master that habit and try working in little clusters of habits.  You could, for the sake of improvement, commit to only a single meal per week.  For example, this week I will wake up each morning and enjoy a healthy protein/fiber rich breakfast.   Then you plan out seven days worth of breakfasts in your planning grid, journal each breakfast including how long it took you to eat it.

Simplicity in Diet

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before…

“The best diet is the one you can stick to.”                                                                                           “The best diet is the one you can live with, and live on.”                                                                  “In dieting, adherence trumps dogma.”                                                                                          “Six packs are found in the fridge.                                                                                                “80% of your results come from diet.”                                                                                        “Everything in moderation.”                                                                                                        “Calories in vs. Calories Out.”                                                                                                              “Less this (Fat/Carb/Protein/Grains/Dairy etc) and more this (Fat/Carb/Proein/Grains/Dairy etc)        “Not all pizzas are supposed to be considered Personal Sized”                                                                                                                                                                                                            There is some truth in each statement, but not everyone applies the truth in the same measure, and things are going against you.

You’re been hit up by the numerous celebrities who pitch various weight loss supplements.


“OMG!!! This actor/actress/athlete uses this stuff?  That settles the argument right there!  Take my money NOW!”

3hr diet Minute Diet 5 minute diet

The One Minute MUST totally be better than the Five Minute Diet or the slow poke 3 Hour Diet!

Not to mention the diets that promise results within what seems to be a dwindling number of days.  I previously thought the Hollywood 48hr diet was the lowest, with 5 days becoming more common, and the 21-30 days diets still holding a place in the market.   I believe I can state that sight unseen, it took longer than 1 minute, 5 minutes, 3 hours, 48hrs or even 30 days to earn a good sized gut that you want to rid yourself of.  Do you honestly think its easier to take off than it was to put on?


Not to mention the multiple MLM supplement companies where the salesman (OK…network marketer or distributor whatever they call themselves) that want to offer you AMAZING weight loss/energy/diet/lifestyle products…only to tap you into becoming a  pusher seller of the products and working for them.

Yes, it can be very complicated. But it doesn’t always need to be.

Medically prescribed/medical nutrition therapy diets are well outside the scope of practice of personal trainers and strength coaches. This is certainly NOT the area of expertise that MLM sellers, celebrities or late night TV infomercial pitch men. This falls under the direction of your primary care physician and registered dietitian.

But what about those of us that just want to lose weight?  We have no major medical issues other than being overweight?

I like keeping the diet simple.  Determine your daily caloric need according to lifestyle.  http://www.exercise4weightloss.com/bmr-calculator.html

  1. Eat according the Warrior 20 Food list with a slight caloric deficit.
  2. Exercise regularly. Lift things, get up and move.
  3. Get good sleep, drink plenty of water. Exercise, Get out and have fun.

The Warrior 20 Food List:  https://mytrainerchris.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/warrior-20-food-list/

image imageimage

Chris’s Users Guide to Carbohydrates

What’s good Readers?  I hope everyone is enjoying a great week thus far.  Today’s blog spotlights Carbohydrates and when to best consume them to maximize performance.  Coincidentally, I am currently on a very low carb diet (>30g daily) and still maintaining my same workout intensity.  I found that starchy carbohydrates and I unfortunately don’t get along very well.

The Users Guide is broken down as follows:  Type of Carbohydrate, Key Sources, Insulin Response and Timing Suggestions/Comments:


FAST DIGESTING CARBS:  Key Sources: Sugar, Dextrose,Maltodextrin,Vitargo.  Insulin Response: Fast and Strong.  Timing/Comments: Take Post-Workout to encourage maximum muscle building.  A handy option is to consume a small serving of Gummi-Bears with your Protein Shake.  NOT Suggested for weight loss clients.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 4.54.59 PM

FRUCTOSE, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (HFCS):  Key Sources: Fruit Juice, Soda.  Insulin Response: Fairly Fast.  Timing/Comments:  Bodybuilders are to largely avoid these as fructose must be processed by the liver and both can be stored as bodyfat.


STARCHY: Key Sources: Pasta, White breads, Potato, Pancakes,White Rice (AKA Tasty Stuff). Insulin Response: Fairly Fast.  Timing/Comments: Bodybuilders: The best time to consume these carbohydrates is 30 min post-workout.  Some suggestions are to consume a carb/protein ratio of 3:1.  Along with Fructose,HFCS and Sugar is typically over-consumed in the Western Diet.

Fruit & Veg Basket-500x500

VEGETABLE AND FRUITS:  Key Sources: The Dark Greens and Brightly Colored.  Insulin Response: Minimal.  Timing/Comments: Low in calorie and often high fiber contents make for slower absorption rates.  Pairs well with lean protein sources.


LENTILS AND BEANS: Key Sources: Lentils and Beans, what else?  Insulin Response: Minimal. Timing/Comments: Moderate calories and very high fiber contents make for slower absorption rates.  Beans when paired with an equivalent serving of rice provide an exceptional blend of Amino Acids.


FIBER: Key Sources: Whole Grains, Fruits,Vegetables,Lentils and Beans. Can also be gained from powdered supplements and sometimes added to protein powders.  Insulin Response: Minimal.  Timing/Comments: Avoid post-workout, Emphasize at other meals during the day.  One of the aging athletes supplement friends in addition to Fish Oil and a good multi-vitamin.


COMPLEX: Key Sources: Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Yams.  Insulin Response: Minimal.  Timing/Comments: Post-Workout carbs.  Consume earlier in the day leading up to your workouts.

Warrior 20 Food List

In yesterday’s blog post I gave the formula for losing weight, getting strong and feeling great. You can view the original blog here:


My fellow trainer and friend Liz from LizTrainerLife.wordpress.com requested I share the food list.

The Warrior 20 are foods that help make your diet simpler by limiting you to some of the most nutritious foods. It should serve as no surprise that potato chips and soda did not make the list.

Protein: Whole Eggs, Lean Meats, Poultry & Game, Fatty Fish, Fermented Soy

Legumes: Beans and Lentils.

Fruits & Vegetables: Tomatoes, Spinach, Cruciferous vegetables(broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts), Avocados, Citrus (grapefruit, oranges), Berries.

Starches: Sweet Potatoes/yams, Quinoa, Amaranth.

Good Fats: Nuts (& nut butters), Seeds (Flax, hemp, chia), olive oil.

Liquids: Water, Green Tea.

These foods combined with a sensible training plan will help you build muscle, get and reduce your risks of dietary related illness.

Steal this Post!

I would love for you to copy, paste and use this blog.

Really, it’s cool.

It would bring a smile to my face if I knew you printed it out and read it everyday.  I wouldn’t be mad if you changed a few things to customize it for yourself, for someone you love or if you’re a fellow trainer and decided to give it to a client.

I’m totally cool with it.

I wouldn’t be mad if you thought “ahh this crap is crap on a crap cracker!”…I will simply out wait you.

Facts: (1) I can remain a happy person longer than you can stay pissed off at the world and (2) I am positive my strength, and the strength I draw from those around me is far greater than your weakness….and I have the comic books to prove it!

But that’s not the point.  The point is I want you to see how awesome you can be, how strong you really are and for you to believe that you are a person of value.  I will extend a very strong hand to help pull you up with all that I have.

physical therapy

Guess what? Mine is not the only hand reaching out for you.

To help you see yourself in that awesome light, I’ve put together a modified daily affirmation which I received from “The Miracle Morning” website.


I have the ability within me to create the life I desire and deserve.


Breathe, Focus, Push….now get there!

 I make the conscious decision that today, and every day is made to be the best day of my life.


Losing a part of their body doesn’t stop them, and nothing ever will.

I believe in my abilities and the limitless potential that lies within us.  I will commit to persistent, continuous action towards the attainment of my goals and dreams.


Crazy as this may sound, this is exactly how I pictured God’s Gym looking.

I believe in the power of visualization and realize that the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually manifest themselves into my actions, habits and behaviors and gradually transform themselves into physical reality.   I will consciously focus my thoughts daily upon thinking of the person I intend to become, thereby creating in my mind a clear picture of my best self, living my best life.

Ball Walk

I know that strength rules all, and that STRENGTH takes on different forms and meanings.


I will summon from inside the strength needed for one more rep, one more step, one more round and one more “I love you.”   I will not be afraid of weighted plates, dumbbells, sprinting, moving my body through space or expressing myself.

I will not be afraid of discomfort nor will I let discomfort be limiting factor.

I know one of the great truths in life is that my outer world is a reflection of my inner world.  Through the power of daily affirmations and continuing personal development I am programming my mind, body and spirit for success.

That which I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of manifestation.   Therefore I will invest 10 minutes daily to reading, feeling and believing in my affirmations.


One day closer to walking on his own.  I can safely wager this gentleman has played that image in his head many times over.

I have written down, clearly defined and take ownership of my major dreams and goals in life which I will create progress toward on a daily basis and never let go of because I know that I am developing sufficient self-confidence for their attainment by taking positive steps each day.

I fully realize that I can sustain no success without the strong foundation of truth and integrity. I will succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use and the cooperation of other people.  I will inspire, and ask others to help me because of my willingness to help other people.   I will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynicism by developing love for all humanity.

I know that a negative attitude towards others can never bring me success.  I know that life is work, and that work requires effort.


I know that I can have results or excuses, but not both.

My determination towards change is strong.   I will gladly copy and paste this blog to a blank document, print, sign and date it.  I will read it aloud twice daily and use the affirmations to gradually influence my thoughts and actions.


I will become the strong, self-reliant, successful and happy person that I know I can be.


_______________________________                                                             __________________________

Signature                                                                                            Date
Yours in Strength, Chris.