Training Partners

Following the release of my blog entitled “80/20”  I received a very long-winded, and at times very confusing comment.  The person literally seemed to have a question for nearly every line in the blog and it took awhile to tease out the questions from the comments.

You can read the original blog here:

Despite the ramblings and venom, there was one question that stood out to me,

“I read that you “cut ties” with those that will never meet your standards. Isn’t that like saying I only want to be around the best?”


It’s been said we’re a combination of the five people we spend the most time with. If this is true, why would I not want to be solely around top performers? I want to be around others that are moving forward and smarter than I am. I don’t have the time or energy for those going nowhere.

High performers in any profession like being around other high performers, or at a minimum, those demonstrating the potential to BE high-performers. Both are energizing, low performers are an energy drain.

I take no pleasure in cutting ties, but feel no remorse over it either. Depending on how one chooses to see things, it took either a lot of effort, or none at all.

“It took a lot” I’m a relatively patient person, but I’m a believer in actions over words. Whatever your starting point is I’m simply looking at the fact that you’re at least attempting to move upwards.

“It took nothing”  meant that you are going nowhere despite having the resources to do so.

I take the same view of training partners as I do with basic team-building.  Success does not hinge on me along, but on the backs,shoulders,brains and hearts of those that I surround myself with. The key is bring together people with inherent value to what is set out to be accomplished.  It is important that they have a strong work ethic,sound morals/values, and a passion for excelling. Investing in your training partners to help them grow benefits all.

If you have dreams of being the best, you need to learn from the best. You need to be in a gym, with some around your level, but others far more accomplished and advanced.  Eventually you may need to move on to someplace with even higher level people.

SIDENOTE: The lower levels of the 80% never leave the 80%.  What they did a year ago, or two years ago is the same thing they’re doing now.  Imagine if the wheel was never refined since the day it was invented.

You’ll find people that can truly help you and raise your game faster than you could have on your own. Hopefully, you’ll learn how to avoid the common injuries,problems and issues that invariably come up as they’ve experienced them.

In the gym these are the benefits of having good training partners, and I don’t have need of bad training partners.

Bad Training partners have gotten me injured. 

Bad Training partners have stalled my progress.

Bad Training partners have stolen my energy.

Bad Training partners have wasted my one irreplaceable thing, my time.  I can recover from injuries, regain my progress and renew my energy. Time is something I’m never getting back.

In the presence of trainer partners that, for lack of better words, outclass you, there will be times you find yourself feeling challenged. That you can’t keep up physically or intellectually with the rest. You’ll feel like everyone knows the answers to questions that  you never considered, or present solid information that completely contradicts something you believed in.  This isn’t entirely a negative thing, personally, I would take it as a sign that you’re learning.

You have the opportunity to adapt yourself to your environment. Your mind will tell you that you are inferior to your environment, and that you should feel bad. You can take that path or you can invest the time and energy to become more aware and focused. Discipline and knowing your current limits is key.  Resist the urge to pretend you know things that you don’t and accept the fact there is always someone around that knows or can do thing far bigger things than you do. Try to learn from them.




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