Student Body

My new training cycle introduces a high number of constantly rotating lifts designed to improve performance and absolute strength in the three power lifts.

The program is based on various methods used in the Bulgarian and Russian training systems and differs greatly from all other forms of training and periodization I’ve ran before. I’m still quite early in the learning curve of things but progress in performance has already been noted, and mor importantly no lifting related injuries have occurred.

Further it has brought in need for Kettlebell,Mace,Indian Club and Bodyweight training elements for Pre-Hab and due to the program’s demands, a very aggressive recovery program.

Every session therefore becomes a mini-clinic as I work with exercises that are either totally new, or haven’t been used in quite some time. This further allows me to discover new exercises that work best for me, at least for the present.

The third week of the cycle is approaching and this will be a Litmus test of sorts. Previous high intensity programs have resulted in CNS fatigue and regressed performance. With the varied approach to training, and only two days being maximum effort level work my ability to surpass three weeks without need for de-load could lead to greater gains in performance.

A side benefit is that I am of the belief that by working with variations of the classic lifts, my knowledge of the originals will expand.

For the more Extroverted types, the challenges to ones performance are weekly, and there is always the opportunity to set a PR on something that day.

For the more Introverted types, “on paper” the day’s work is simply laid out and not very many things are done within a given sessions.
1 Core Movement
2-4 Accessory lifts designed to support that movement.
Ab work.

Small extra workouts done between sessions (-30min) can be used to raise general preparedness,Pre-Hab or add volume to lagging muscle groups.

I’m looking forward to reporting the results of 8 weeks efforts on the program.


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