(N)online Personal Training

An interesting observation I’ve made recently is the rising number of trainers attempting to enter the online trainer business. Personally I think it can be a great thing financially, geographically and as a service option.

I’ve done some online training myself both as a coach and as a client.  In my coaching capacity all my online work was done with clients that were fellow trainers or athletic types with decent physical autonomy. None were beginners.

During my observations I’ve noted a number of issues. Some of these online trainers have never trained a person in real life, some only recently became certified, others are without a certification of any sort and a percentage appear to have no background in screening methods.

That by itself doesn’t mean they’re outright incapable, but it does give one pause.

I believe movement screens to a degree can be done online, but actual teaching and coaching is a different matter. The higher physical talents the client possesses makes some matters easier but direct observation under a competent coach is still the best in my opinion.

Personal Thoughts.
Performance video can be recorded in the gym of particular exercises that the online coach can judge and issue corrections. I’ve made great use of video as a tool when working with my athletic clients and as a teaching tool for my students.

Communication these days is at your fingertips. There’s more options out there than I could name.

Online training allows the client to somewhat go at it alone. This in turn develops confidence. Not all clients however are a good fit for online training.

Since the training in cyber based, the cost per session could be less than live instruction under the same coach. I said could, not always.

The savvy trainer could offer a blended instruction method, where some instruction is in person and some is online. This would offer the client the best of both worlds, but does have geographic limitations.


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