How to fail as a Personal Trainer.

Three trainers lasted only two months at my gym. Two failed to gain or retain a minimum number of clients and the other got into a series of arguments with the owner. I didn’t bother introducing myself or making small talk with them as I was that sure they would gone within a month or two.

I based my prediction simply by watching how they conducted business, and that they lacked any particular talent for the job. Essentially they were relying on good looking physiques. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Getting someones attention is easy, Keeping their attention is another matter.

Do the following and I can nearly guarantee you will fail as a trainer.


Routinely show up late to your clients appointments. The “I’m stuck in traffic text, be there a few minutes late” five minutes before you are supposed to meet with the client will work only so many times, even if it was the truth. 10-15 minutes early is on time., or at least ON TIME IS ON TIME

Boldly advertise dubious claims of results that could be achieved in an hour. Ideally do it in a gym full of strong people, it gives us something to laugh about.

Eat in front of your client DURING the clients paid for time.


Constantly make/take calls or texts phones during the clients session.  Don’t use your phone for something actually relevant to the client.

Sidenote on eating and phone using: None of the trainers schedules were SO packed that this could even be a consideration. Remember, two of them failed to maintain a minimum client load.

Spend more time talking to the client than actually training them, especially on topics that have nothing to do with their training/goals.


Use uninspired cookie cutter workouts. Back to back clients do the same workout in the same manner. Don’t adjust any exercise to the client,make the client fit the exercise.

Give no corrections to the clients form (if incorrect) or tweak things to optimize it. Literally just go through the motions.

Don’t write (or have the client write) anything down to record the session.


Do not use a PARQ/Health History questionnaire or conduct any form of a movement screen.



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