Paper Waivers (AKA Chris on Intellectual Bullies)

I’ve seen ugliness from trainers on both sides of the fence. From the side of the “Bro’s” and from the highly degreed types and those with a lengthy string of letters after their name.

As someone that’s been on both sides, I think I can offer fair view of things from the perspective of an educated Bro.

I’m not out to mock those who purse college or any form of education. College represents the opportunity for a person to begin exploring the world and figuring out who they are in it. Not everyone is afforded this opportunity in life.

Training is not jut about the diploma, certification or credential you attained but what you took away from the experience and how well you can apply what you’ve learned.

Too many times I’ve seen “Certified Trainers” and Exericise Physiology or Exercise Science graduates without a clue of what they should be doing.

Yet those same people are quick to look down on those they consider to be “lesser” trainers ( those that earned CPT from other groups, the uncertified trainers or the certified non-degree holders.)

I am the last person to mock or talk down someone that is working hard to bettering themselves. That said, If you’re using that diploma or certification to mock other people, then I have big issues with your behavior.

To the intellectual bullies I say the following; NOBODY has a monopoly on training,exercise or nutrition science and your insights, while not entirely without value, are not as unique as you might think.

Be kind to those that come to you for help, appreciate the fact they asked in the first place. The world is big and I can assure you that if you can’t enlighten people without being an absolute pompous ass there are numerous others who can, and do a better job of it.

There are gyms across the planet that border on dungeon like conditions filled with members passionate about their iron sports and train to be the best the version of themselves.

That demands a degree of respect and an admiration to live with that intense level of purpose and drive.

The fun and light beach Bootcamp you run with all the bodyweight circuits won’t survive here.

Its likely you wouldn’t either.

Can your MS/BS/CPT help a person improve the lap set up and transition into the log press, add to her long cycle or fix issues in the bench presses mid range two weeks before competition? How about knowing when chains and bands should be brought in, when a de-load or hypertrophy phase is required or how to train using unconventional methods and equipment?

Do you even know how perform any these lifts?

It’s my opinion that whether or not you’re degreed/certified does not mean you are necessarily qualified.

Further, don’t ONLY be degreed/certified, but rather DO what requires getting done in order to qualify as a trainer to others,as opposed to only possessing knowledge.

Honestly, if it boiled down to hiring a trainer who was either well-read and book smart only, or the guy with no formal education with decades of experience and a history of client success I’m going with the latter 100% of the time.

I happen to be certified with multiple credentials along with a degree and have been a trainer pre-dating the formation of one of my certifying bodies. I was an international level athlete and have nearly three decades of experience and perhaps of greatest value learned from making tons mistakes not covered in college or featured on page 123 of the CPT books.

I knock no one whose heart and intentions are sincere,that walk the walk,talk the talk and chalk the chalk.

The difference between the great trainers and merely passable comes down not to some piece of paper but to a single muscle.

That muscle is the Heart.


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