Exteriors (AKA Chris on hiring)

It’s on nearly a weekly basis that I receive questions from other trainers,and in some cases managers on various topics.  I’m unsure when I became a “go to” guy, but I have to admit that I appreciate the fact that so many people reach out to me for help.

This week dealt with a rather polarizing topic among personal trainers.   The Fat Trainer.

“Chris, I just had person drop off their resume’ at our gym. She’s got to be 70lbs/32kg overweight, you ever run into this problem?”

Me: Does the persons resume’ meet the minimum requirements?

” Yes”

Me: You can choose not to call this one, but you’ll be doing so without knowing where she’s coming from.

The problem with the overweight trainers is people will lump them into a single group without knowing the real person.

Ever hire someone that looked super fit that turned out to be a crap trainer?

“Yeah, several times”

So this proves you cant judge competence by the persons exterior.

If she comes in for an interview you can ask her to tell you about herself, and not to repeat what you’ve already read on her resume’. You want to know the real person.

For all we know she was formerly 180lbs overweight and knows first hand how hard it is to loose a lot of weight. She’s likely still in-progress but is someone other weight loss clients can relate to.

She could be a Powerlifter, StrongMaam or former thrower and very capable at helping others get stronger.

There could be a medical condition,I can think of three off the top of my head.

….or she could have just really let herself go and got fat in the process.

If you do call her up get her story,and if she falls under the “used to be much bigger” or “athlete” category give her the opportunity to prove herself, at least a practical evaluation of her skills.

If she falls under the “medical ” category she’d have to be cleared to do the job and her physical limitations would have to be known within her right to privacy. A practical evaluation could possibly need to be modified.

If she falls under the “just let herself go” category you’ll be in a position to decide if you want to move on to a practical evaluation.  She could be a great trainer and possibly better than all other candidates, but clients do often judge on appearances.


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