BodhiBuilding (AKA Chris’s home gym)

Courage: The mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Strength: : The quality or state of being physically strong.
: The ability to resist being moved or broken by a force
: The quality that allows someone to deal with problems in a determined and effective way.

Bodhi: Translated into English, its literal meaning is closer to “awakened.”

In my home I have several small areas set up as courage corners. Their purposes are to build a body, mind and spirit that can withstand, and recover from training with equipment that can charitably be described as “uncooperative.”

The Iron Corner. Kettlebells,chains and bands.  My current kettlebells range in weight from 18-72 lbs/8-32kg including several matched pairs. Lengths of chain and resistance bands can be attached to increase load and handling challenges. This corner is located in my comfortably air conditioned home, but since the equipment is so portable I can take a bell or two to my nearby parks and take advantage of the outdoor gyms.

The Earth Corner : Several stones ranging in weight from 22-86lbs /9-37kg.  Primarily used for Throwing and Pressing. By far my least expensive and most uncooperative equipment and readily available in the Las Vegas area. I am only limited by the days weather.

The Desert Corner: A pair of Sandbags weighing 25-75lbs/11-34kg. Dynamic variable resistance training for loaded carries and numerous types of lifts. These are in my garage, which can get near unbearably hot in the summer.

Three very different mini-home gyms yet the same training principles apply.  I still of course have my regular training gym which I frequent and at any time can go for a walk or do some form of mobility drills and calisthenics.  (Yes, I have taken weights for walks around my neighborhood the way other people take their family dog.)

The path to strength is long and the skills many.  At times it can be painful, frustrating and monotonous work. Knowing this, why should one pursue the costly proposition?                                                                                                                                                                                   When has there been a time in your life where you wished you could have been more afraid and weak?  Depending on where your beliefs lie, do you honestly believe we were meant to be fearful and fragile?

Because strength stands above all other qualities and is the one thing that improves all other qualities. Pursuing strength makes all other pursuits happen.

Because what is initially difficult will become simple work in time.

Because the path to the goal is often more rewarding than the goal itself.

Because its an investment in potentially the greatest stock on Earth. YOU.

Because we are Creations of Strength, and we were born to move.


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