Instruments of Precision (AKA Chris on Fitness Professionals)

I believe that the universe has healing powers.  Furthermore, I believe there are fitness and allied health professionals that serve as the instruments of precision which aid the universe in healing and educating others.

Our job as professionals essentially is to make other people feel, move, think and look better and to become more resilient to whatever life throws at us.  This is not always an easy task and every case, like every human being is unique.  On my end as a strength coach, I get to work with what you bring to me, then add from there.

Unfortunately not every fitness professional you will meet is a instrument of precision.

The path towards becoming an Instrument of Precision…                                                          Philosophy: “The Love of Wisdom”  What is your training philosophy and what do you stand for?                                                                                                                                   Wisdom: The synthesis of knowledge through EXPERIENCE.                                               Knowledge: A collection of facts or ideas.                                                                                        – Theoretical (Unproven)                                                                                                                  – Practical (Tested through experience)                                                                                         Reality: What is happening right now.  Our present is a result of our habitual choices, actions and in-actions.                                                                                                                     Truth:  What works. Not simply “what has worked on me.”                                                         Faith:  Belief in what you are doing. That it is the right thing, for the right reasons for the right person in the right dosage.                                                                                                   Practice: This is different from training.                                                                                         Question: Look for insights within the seemingly simple.                                                              Refine,Sophisticate,Simplify:   Continually grow and deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge.  Improve your ability to communicate your training principles and polish your technique throughout your career.

I ran across a board comment from a personal trainer some months ago where she stated that since she could verbally cue a person through a pull-up, there is no need for her to be able to perform a pull-up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             As a coach I hold an opposing view of things and I would say the trainers knowledge is limited to being theoretical.  She simply doesn’t know what is going through a persons head when attempting to do pull-ups.                                                                                                       What she knows: What a pull-up looks like, what major muscles are involved, the sequence of events.                                                                                                                                              What she doesn’t know: How miserable it feels to try doing pull-ups and how empowering that first successful one feels like.  What’s going through a persons mind as they engage for that first pull-up.                                                                                                     On the leadership side of things, I cannot bring myself to make someone do something that I myself cannot do with a degree of skill.  I personally cannot deadlift triple my body-weight, but I can execute a respectable lift for my size and have coached others to high levels of relative strength.                                                               

Theoretical knowledge is good and can get you to new places, but I far prefer practical knowledge.  Fact is I could teach the pull-up without even getting up from a chair (I know this because I’ve coached pull-ups while injured before.) Since I’ve a few pull-ups in my day I also know a high amount of the things you can do wrong and how to correct the situation.  My coaching ability is based on my making tons of mistakes, correcting them and passing on my practical knowledge.  

There are of course areas where my knowledge can only be theoretical,for example I have no idea what it is truly like to be 100lbs/44kg overweight and how difficult it can be to lose that amount of weight.

I don’t know what it is like to be 75yrs old, and won’t for quite a few more years.                       I certainly will never know what it is like trying to lose baby weight after giving birth.              

In those situations I have the benefit of having many friends within my trainers network whom I can tap for their expertise in these matters.  

In fairness, the “no pull-ups needed for me” trainer may have legitimate reasons where she is unable to perform a pull-up (I.E. Shoulder dysfunction), but as the saying goes “Ton’s of guys have epic bench press stories, mention squats and all of a sudden they all have knee injuries.”                  







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