Burn (AKA Chris motivates)

_Fire_Digital_Art__2 (1)

                             “The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire”                                                                                            Ferdinand Foch  (1851-1929)

Yesterday the universe once again showed me the truth of these words, and I want to believe I was the spark.

I found myself with some time to kill in-between clients yesterday and after running a quick errand returned to the gym to chat up a few people.  I spied a gym member training barbell bicep curls and noted that it appeared he was curling a heavier weight than I’ve seen him do before.  His form was actually pretty good given the new load, but the reps were tough and the last 3-4 were visibly challenging.

While he was catching his breath I walked over and introduced myself.  I told him that I’ve seen him before and complimented him on his hard work and that progress that he is showing.  I hit him with a Bro-Fist bump and walked off, only to see a smile on his face reflected in the mirror and some renewed aggression in curling the barbell.  Those last 3-4 reps came MUCH easier.

It’s that look,…we’ve seen it so many times.   The look of a person on fire has a certain look that transcends age, physique or athleticism.


We’ve seen it in children.


That moment right before something big and awesome is about to happen.

A man lifts weight as part of his training during a six-week programme in an exercise room at the Bodyworks weight loss campus in Beijing August 26, 2011.         REUTERS/Soo Hoo Zheyang


Those first days when you start to realize strength is a skill


Years later, when you realize how strong you really are.

Older Lady Determined

Those moments when you struggle.


Those moments where it feels more like a fight.


It’s one more rep, and you have it in you.

I consider myself blessed that I am surrounded by some remarkable human beings.       Since my last blog I’ve had the privilege of re-starting training with two clients to wake up their dormant athleticism, had wonderful conversations with a fellow professional in Chicago that despite her relative newness to the industry already has so much to offer and I’m seeing new athletic dominance in a local trainer I work with.

These are people on fire for life, and may their souls shine brightly.


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