Wrap the Fat Away (AKA Chris Rips on Wraps)

Body wraps in various forms have been around for quite some time and are hardly a new thing. I’ve noticed a sudden increase in products promoting results by simply wrapping your waist.  I’ve read and heard claims including “Lose the fat”, “Lose Weight”, “Detox” and “Lose Inches off your waist.”   These products are available over the counter, online and through multi-level marketing (MLM) groups, the latter of which often pairs the product with nutritional supplements of some sort.


The short fact is that some of these companies and independent distributors are making product claims that are not supported by any scientific evidence.

In the case of the MLM products  (and in being fair) sometimes it is NOT the parent company making the false claim but actually the independent distributor adding his/her own flash and sizzle to get a sale.  In that situation I would ask the distributor if they would be willing to allow independent body composition testing (bodyfat testing) by a competent third party and to provide peer reviewed scientific literature to back their claims.

Body wraps and waist belts do not burn fat nor do they shrink your fat cells no matter what the material the wrap is made of, or if it is infused with various minerals, enzymes, salts or herbs or nothing at all.  If in doubt, heavily soak a cloth in whiskey, tequila or whatever your favorite adult beverage is, wrap your waist and tell me if you get drunk.

Actually, don’t do that….a simple body composition test will work just fine and you need not waist your top shelf adult beverages.  (See what I did there?)

Fat loss comes from reducing your food intake and instilling caloric deficit and increasing your level of activity. A wrap will not shrink fat cells nor will it change your eating habits.  It took time and effort to gain that excess bodyfat, do you really think it will come off far easier and quicker than came on?

THE COMMON CLAIMS                                                                                                                  “REDUCE YOUR WAISTLINE IN ONLY ## minutes!”  Can a wrap reduce inches? Yes, but the result is temporary due to water loss,  not fat loss.

“LOSE ## INCHES IN 1 HOUR!”  You would commonly see this with full-body type wraps.  Cumulative measurements are taken across multiple points of the body (waist,legs,arms,hips etc) during the pre-wrap and compared against the post wrap (aka the dehyrdration part.)  When all numbers are added to together the “## inches in an hour” is given.

Misleading? I’d say so.Once again, Inches and Fat are not the same thing.

Although misleading (and in my opinion deliberately so) it is not an outright lie.  If the claim was ” LOSE FAT WITHOUT DIET OR EXERCISE IN ## minutes/hours”  there would be serious issues unless the procedure involved some rather drastic surgical procedure.

The detoxification and aesthetic claims are largely anecdotal and at best debatable.  I would actually have no issue whatsoever if the wrap was marketed solely as a “spa treatment” without any claims of fat loss.


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