PROfile Spotlight on Russ Moon (AKA Chris interviews Fitness Professionals)

MTC NOTE: This is the first of a series of interviews with fitness professionals from around the world.  It is my ardent hope that the MyTrainerChris blog can also help connect you, or someone you know, with one of these outstanding professionals. 

russ-moon-and-kettlebells                                                        Russ Moon, Richmond VA. USA.                                                                                                                Coach of The HIve

Russ is a veteran trainer and author that holds, or has held a broad range of fitness certifications and specializations including the StrongFirst SFG Level 1 Kettlebell, CrossFit L1 Trainer and L1 Kettlebell Instructor, TRX Group Trainer and Dragon Door HKC Instructor.

What events led you into becoming a fitness professional?                                                     I have been involved with serious training for 45 years and nothing in my mind is more demoralizing than failing to achieve your desired results.  There have been many world class coaches who have accelerated my progress and I want to help others see there is a more intelligent way to train.  It is my responsibility to give back what has been given to me…and I have had some global 1% types give me a great deal in return…so there is a lot for me to give back.

When World Champions, Hall of Famers, Global Thought Leaders spend time sharing their hard earned expertise it comes with a responsibility to extend that knowledge by teaching those who have not had that very unique and special experience.  That is part of what drives me.

I have also come back from multiple orthopedic surgeries (none were resistance training related) and there were times when rehab did not bring me all the way back to what I considered “normal.”   There were times when I was so desperate for someone to help me, who understood what coming back involved and could guide me.  Now that I have done this several times (ankles with hardware, knee surgery, shoulder bone spur surgery) I know what it takes and can provide the support to help a person who is challenged to even walk have hope and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It takes a great deal of work, but you can do it.

What is Russ Moon up to these days?                                                                                             My focus these days in on private 1-1 coaching.  I don’t think there is a faster way to develop your technique, knowledge, strength and conditioning.  You receive all the attention, all the focus and all the coaching all the time.  You develop at a very rapid pace which is what people want.  Instant improvement they can see,feel and use.

From my 1-1 training students I am starting to encourage them to find people they really want to grow with to start small groups.  I have taught more than 400 group exercise classes and enjoy that a great deal.

I am currently writing my second book in the Breathe! series (Link Below.)  This book will cover DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) principle based movements to activate your breathing muscles and improves your diaphragmatic breathing, which differs from practicing standard diaphragmatic breathing.

I’m always working on the things that will make me a better athlete, increase my strength and conditioning base and address gaps I previously had in my training.   I recently lost 17lbs (7.75kg) while increasing my strength and packing on some strategically placed muscle.

Serious training for myself is important as I pick up so many things I can scale to benefit my students and it keeps me empathetic to people who are struggling with something, or going through their initial learning curve…because I am experiencing all that myself on a regular basis.  I also learn how to overcome those feelings and situations.

What is your vision in training your clients?                                                                                  Meet the person where they are today in terms of what they are capable of.  Understand through listening the direction they would like to take their training and develop a mix of what they actually need balanced and what they want in such a way that they are progressively moving towards their goals.

What had been your favorite client success story to date?                                                       I don’t have a favorite success story.  Everyone has their own success story based on their goals, they are all inspirational in their own unique way.  Some have gone on to athletic success, some have overcome surgery, injury, birth defects or morphed into a more balanced (mentally and physically) version of themselves.  I cherish each experience as it fulfills my desire to help others move forward in their journey, must like my coaches have helped me move forward.  It is all fantastic regardless of where they person starts or their skill level.

If given the opportunity to give your best advice to new personal trainers and strength coaches, what would it be?                                                                                                            Learn proper technique to keep your students safe, always be learning, deepen your own practice an be open to all the tools and approaches available in order to match the approach or tool to what the student needs, the equipment they have access to and to customize to a degree you time with them.

           20150506_133516 20150506_133633

Athletic Strong.  Kettlebells from 35-105lbs (16-48kgs), TRX suspension trainers, body weight systems, grip trainers, pull-up rigs, competition rings and recovery tools are part of Russ’s training methods.

“The more tools and skills you have, the more you can tailor their experience to them individually.”

This makes things more productive and fun for them.  What may be strenuous can be fun if you help connect how the activity helps them go where they want to be.  These is more than one way to reach the same destination,keep what works and discard what does not…always be listening to your students feedback, it will tell a story and provide you with clues as to what is actually happening.

Russ Moon is currently accepting new personal training and online clients.  For more information, or to set up a consultation please contact Russ at…                                          Facebook:                                                                Twitter:@russmoon                                                                                             Blog:                                                                                                                E-mail :

Russ’s book Breathe! Realize your full athletic potential is available on as an E-book:





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