Fat Loss Skills (AKA The 11 Habits of Diet Mastery)

Source credit for the following blog goes to Josh Hillis and Dan John, authors of the book “Fat Loss Happens on a Monday.”   I highly recommend this book and you can purchase it on Amazon.com


I am currently reading “Fat Loss Happens on a Monday” and greatly enjoying it.  I believe the simplicity and reasonableness presented in the book is what appeals to me.

Over the course of my career I’ve been presented with a dizzying number of diet plans and workout routines that seem (at least to me) to require advanced degrees simply to make sense out of them.  I have often wondered how people adhere to them, as difficult things are quite hard to sustain.

MINI BLOG IN A BLOG:  A friend of mine attempted a food combining diet.  Based purely on the allowed foods list it was chock full of healthy choices.  The difficult part was you were only allowed to eat certain foods in combination with each other, some could only be eaten by themselves and some couldn’t be eaten in the same day.   To adhere to this sort of diet you would need an incredible memory, stellar food journalism skills and would likely need to carry around a rule sheet with you at all times.  Attempts at clarifying the rules led to lots of things be missed and to make matters foggier, a descendant of the diets founder had problems explaining it clearly.

Was the diet bad? No, It was quite wholesome.                                                                                   Was there any science to back up the diet?  Not that I’m aware of.  The diets originator was not a Registered Dietitian but was self-educated on the topic. The problem was the diets difficulty.

Fat loss comes down to engaging a series of habits.  The focus is on your eating habits and not some fad (well covered here on MTC.)


Everything starts with having a plan.

HABIT 1: PLAN. Plan your meals (aka your success) on either a Sunday or Monday.  Grid out 28 meals (3+A snack.)  The book recommends “free days” or “free meals” or even focusing on a single meal/meal type at a time, then adding successes from there.

Produce Aisle wholefoods                

The best stuff in your local market is usually in the outer aisles

HABIT 2: SHOP. Do your shopping on Sunday or Monday based on your plan.

Food ScalePortion-Chart

The food scale and portion proportions are handy little things in the kitchen

HABIT 3: COOK. Prepare, cook and portion the food on your plan on Sunday or Monday                                                             


              Hi-Tech or Low-Tech doesn’t matter.  What matters is honesty and consistency

HABIT 4: JOURNAL.  Keep a daily food journal.  Review your food journal weekly either on Sunday or Monday.


HABIT 5: PROTEIN.  Make sure you’re getting protein at every meal.  Shoot for 3/4 gram of protein per pound of body weight.


HABIT 6: CALORIES.  Review your food journal for the total calories consumed.  Compare your total calories to your weekly weight change..

Baby Tortoise

This guy loves eating slowly.

HABIT 7: SLOW DOWN.  Eat SLOWLY!  A meal should take at least 15 minutes to consume.


HABIT 8: 80%.  Leave the table when you are 80% full.


HABIT 9: EAT HEALTHY FATS.  Make sure you’re eating good fats at most meals.  Add good fat to meals you normally feel hungry after and see if that helps make you feel fuller.

Good Carbs

HABIT 10: QUALITY CARBS.  Check the quality of your carbohydrates.  Are your getting most of your carbs from vegetable, fruit,quinoa,brown rice and sprouted grains?


HABIT 11: GRATITUDE.  Everyday write down, or reflect on one thing you like about yourself or your body.  BE GRATEFUL FOR WHO YOU ARE!

Master one habit at a time.  Plan to master that habit and try working in little clusters of habits.  You could, for the sake of improvement, commit to only a single meal per week.  For example, this week I will wake up each morning and enjoy a healthy protein/fiber rich breakfast.   Then you plan out seven days worth of breakfasts in your planning grid, journal each breakfast including how long it took you to eat it.


One thought on “Fat Loss Skills (AKA The 11 Habits of Diet Mastery)

  1. insideoutfitnesshoodriver

    My experience tells me that decreasing calories is 75% of fat loss! Also, way too many people spend way too much time and money always looking for the correct diet and never implementing anything fully! This, of course, is spurred on by the diet industry, a billions of $$ a year fiasco that has getting your money out of your pocket and into theirs as their main priority! #Thetrainer


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