Exceptional Automobiles and Fitness Professionals (AKA Chris visits a Rolls Royce dealership)

I decided one fine morning to visit my local Rolls Royce-Bentley-Aston Martin dealership to personally experience the Rolls Royce Wraith and compare it to the Bentley Continental GT.   I’ve been an admirer of the RR Phantom since its introduction and the Wraith is a very beautiful vehicle.  I have a somewhat difficult time accepting the fact there is a BMW 7 series engine that lies beneath. If I wanted a BMW 7 series I’d buy a BMW 7.

Looking over the spec sheets and brochure for the Wraith while sipping complimentary coffee I came to few conclusions:

  1. This is a very beautiful automobile.
  2. This is not an automobile for everyone. Some people will find its lines polarizing and the upkeep and maintenance on these vehicles can be quite costly. Honestly, if you are taking ownership of such a vehicle you are likely not concerned with upkeep investments.  This car makes a decided statement about the owner.
  3. Reliability wise, I would be better off in the long term purchasing a large class American SUV. From the entry level price points, I could likely buy two large SUV’s for the price of the Wraith. (Note: I’ve owned a Ford Expedition before and would highly consider purchasing a Chevy Suburban or Cadillac Escalade.)
  4. I have the driving skills and experience to master it.
  5. I look good behind the wheel of it.

2014 BentleyContGT

2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed in Dark Sapphire Blue, 2014 Me in Graphite and Black

What does my automobile shopping have to do with fitness professionals?  Glad you asked!

I view training as “the performance of an exercise program designed to achieve a higher purpose.”    Training therefore has a purpose beyond simply moving your body and body parts through space and against some form of resistance.

“This is a very beautiful automobile”  So are you, with all your dents and dings, scars and tattoos.  In this case, the fitness professional serves as your subject matter expert, mechanic and salon level detailer.  The more they know of the human body and how things work the better.  Your fitness professionals physical appearance itself does not equate their level of competence.

 “This is not an automobile for everyone”  Neither is every trainer a match for any client.  Some have all the exterior trimmings of what one think is an awesome trainer, but underneath all that you’re actually looking at pedestrian or low quality workings.  During a guest spot at a well-known luxury gym chain I witnessed a young trainer have an elderly client attempt plyometric hops, half-burpees and numerous other difficult to perform body weight exercises on a hard smooth wood floor.  I have no doubt the trainer could perform these moves, but an elderly individual that could not bend,hinge or squat in a functional manner?

“This car makes a statement about the owner”  Athletes and Warriors train with a purpose in mind.  In sport or warfare the objective is victory.   Not everyone was cut out to be a Warrior, but I believe that we all have inner-athletes and that proper training can lead to long term athletic development well beyond active competitive years.  While you may no longer break personal records, you will be able to move and live far better than your sedentary peers.

Rehabilitation/Medical Exercise clients train with a purpose in mind.   Distilled to the simplest explanation, the training is designed to restore movement and function to normal or near normal functional movement and/or to improve quality of life.

“Reliability Wise” The General population believes they train with a purpose.  To feel good, lose weight, gain muscle or simply move and feel better being the largest general goals. The problem is that sometimes the “training” is simply exercising.  They hired a trainer based on a impressive exterior that covers a less inner workings, or were handed off to whatever trainer was available.  Never in your right mind would you show up at an automotive dealership with cash in hand and say “I have _____ money to spend, just put me in any car that fits that amount.”

 “Skills and Experience” How skilled and masterful you trainer is means little if they cannot coach you to a level of skill and mastery in a given task.  What separates the skilled and experienced from the not-so skilled and experienced is not always easy to tell.  On an online forum I’m a member of, I recall a person that certified in February of this year.  Within days of passing certification she was looking to set up her own home gym to train clients and admitted she rarely lifted weights and really only knew body weight training.  She didn’t even know what sort of shoes she should wear on the rubber flooring mats.  Flash forward two months and she is issuing advice in weight training to another trainer with a client wanting to run her first marathon.

Exactly how much could she have possibly learned in less than two months?  Enough to advise another person?  Granted, trainer certification courses only teach you so much about actually training another human being, but there still should be some skill developed right?

“Look good behind the wheel” With Automobiles and Fitness Professionals, shop around and find the one that works for you.  Find one that is reliable, within budget, experienced and fits your needs.


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