Simplicity in Diet

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before…

“The best diet is the one you can stick to.”                                                                                           “The best diet is the one you can live with, and live on.”                                                                  “In dieting, adherence trumps dogma.”                                                                                          “Six packs are found in the fridge.                                                                                                “80% of your results come from diet.”                                                                                        “Everything in moderation.”                                                                                                        “Calories in vs. Calories Out.”                                                                                                              “Less this (Fat/Carb/Protein/Grains/Dairy etc) and more this (Fat/Carb/Proein/Grains/Dairy etc)        “Not all pizzas are supposed to be considered Personal Sized”                                                                                                                                                                                                            There is some truth in each statement, but not everyone applies the truth in the same measure, and things are going against you.

You’re been hit up by the numerous celebrities who pitch various weight loss supplements.


“OMG!!! This actor/actress/athlete uses this stuff?  That settles the argument right there!  Take my money NOW!”

3hr diet Minute Diet 5 minute diet

The One Minute MUST totally be better than the Five Minute Diet or the slow poke 3 Hour Diet!

Not to mention the diets that promise results within what seems to be a dwindling number of days.  I previously thought the Hollywood 48hr diet was the lowest, with 5 days becoming more common, and the 21-30 days diets still holding a place in the market.   I believe I can state that sight unseen, it took longer than 1 minute, 5 minutes, 3 hours, 48hrs or even 30 days to earn a good sized gut that you want to rid yourself of.  Do you honestly think its easier to take off than it was to put on?


Not to mention the multiple MLM supplement companies where the salesman (OK…network marketer or distributor whatever they call themselves) that want to offer you AMAZING weight loss/energy/diet/lifestyle products…only to tap you into becoming a  pusher seller of the products and working for them.

Yes, it can be very complicated. But it doesn’t always need to be.

Medically prescribed/medical nutrition therapy diets are well outside the scope of practice of personal trainers and strength coaches. This is certainly NOT the area of expertise that MLM sellers, celebrities or late night TV infomercial pitch men. This falls under the direction of your primary care physician and registered dietitian.

But what about those of us that just want to lose weight?  We have no major medical issues other than being overweight?

I like keeping the diet simple.  Determine your daily caloric need according to lifestyle.

  1. Eat according the Warrior 20 Food list with a slight caloric deficit.
  2. Exercise regularly. Lift things, get up and move.
  3. Get good sleep, drink plenty of water. Exercise, Get out and have fun.

The Warrior 20 Food List:

image imageimage


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