Chris’s Users Guide to Carbohydrates

What’s good Readers?  I hope everyone is enjoying a great week thus far.  Today’s blog spotlights Carbohydrates and when to best consume them to maximize performance.  Coincidentally, I am currently on a very low carb diet (>30g daily) and still maintaining my same workout intensity.  I found that starchy carbohydrates and I unfortunately don’t get along very well.

The Users Guide is broken down as follows:  Type of Carbohydrate, Key Sources, Insulin Response and Timing Suggestions/Comments:


FAST DIGESTING CARBS:  Key Sources: Sugar, Dextrose,Maltodextrin,Vitargo.  Insulin Response: Fast and Strong.  Timing/Comments: Take Post-Workout to encourage maximum muscle building.  A handy option is to consume a small serving of Gummi-Bears with your Protein Shake.  NOT Suggested for weight loss clients.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 4.54.59 PM

FRUCTOSE, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (HFCS):  Key Sources: Fruit Juice, Soda.  Insulin Response: Fairly Fast.  Timing/Comments:  Bodybuilders are to largely avoid these as fructose must be processed by the liver and both can be stored as bodyfat.


STARCHY: Key Sources: Pasta, White breads, Potato, Pancakes,White Rice (AKA Tasty Stuff). Insulin Response: Fairly Fast.  Timing/Comments: Bodybuilders: The best time to consume these carbohydrates is 30 min post-workout.  Some suggestions are to consume a carb/protein ratio of 3:1.  Along with Fructose,HFCS and Sugar is typically over-consumed in the Western Diet.

Fruit & Veg Basket-500x500

VEGETABLE AND FRUITS:  Key Sources: The Dark Greens and Brightly Colored.  Insulin Response: Minimal.  Timing/Comments: Low in calorie and often high fiber contents make for slower absorption rates.  Pairs well with lean protein sources.


LENTILS AND BEANS: Key Sources: Lentils and Beans, what else?  Insulin Response: Minimal. Timing/Comments: Moderate calories and very high fiber contents make for slower absorption rates.  Beans when paired with an equivalent serving of rice provide an exceptional blend of Amino Acids.


FIBER: Key Sources: Whole Grains, Fruits,Vegetables,Lentils and Beans. Can also be gained from powdered supplements and sometimes added to protein powders.  Insulin Response: Minimal.  Timing/Comments: Avoid post-workout, Emphasize at other meals during the day.  One of the aging athletes supplement friends in addition to Fish Oil and a good multi-vitamin.


COMPLEX: Key Sources: Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Yams.  Insulin Response: Minimal.  Timing/Comments: Post-Workout carbs.  Consume earlier in the day leading up to your workouts.


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