So I went to a StrongFirst Workshop (AKA Chris is back!)

Hello Everyone,

I have recently come down with a serious case of writers block so I decided a little time away from blogging would do me good.  During my time away I have focused on setting up the Trainers Dojo (now with over 80 members!) and laying the foundation for what I hope to one day make of it.  I have also been continuing with my personal training and took my second step towards StrongFirst Kettlebell certification.

SFG 1 Day

Group photo from the SFG 1 Day Workshop held at Revolution Fitness in La Jolla, California.  (Cool Part: The workshop was led by Senior SFG Franz Snideman and my partner in was Angela Knox who are both members of the Trainers Dojo!)

In the past few months I’ve come to know a few of StrongFirst coaches, both personally and online and find that they share common bonds.  After having served my country for more than 24 years I still feel the need to belong to something greater than myself, just as I have the inherent need to help others become more than they believed they were through my personal training.

If you are considering Kettlebells I highly recommend investing in private lessons with a StrongFirst coach or attending the one workshops.  It is money exceptionally well spent and you will come away with an appreciation for that simple cannonball with a handle.



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