2014 in Review and Message to Trainers


This year has been a fun ride on My Trainer Chris. I have gone from working for a commercial gym, to striking out on my own to now mentoring trainers, being a StrongFirst kettlebell student and serving in an advisory capacity to gyms. The fact that I was offered three jobs this year without submitting a resume’ means I must be doing something right.

I’ve kept my training clientele number fairly low, and I believe this is something that I will continue through this year. I have found a great place to be and I fully believe everything will continue to grow and improve.

My message to fellow trainers for 2015.

Keep your mind open to new ideas and ways of doing things.  “Humans have an inherent need for consistency.  If a thought is inconsistent with current stronger ideas and concepts the mind will reject it.”                                                 Thinkertoys (2nd Edition) by Michael MIchalko

Start with the basics.  In my opinion there is no such thing as “Basic” or “Advanced” in exercise technique. There is the simple basics and there are the sophisticated basics.  Everyone starts somewhere and progresses according to their ability. Based on personal observation as sports coach and as a trainer, I’ve found that natural athletes seem to grasp basics visually.                 “The Fundamental movements are Fundamental”.                           Intervention by Dan John


Have a system in place, train to your level and apply what you know.  The above image is the basics of my system which is geared towards long term athletic development. Other layers could include diet,lifestyle and morale. (Credit to Max Shank Master RKC)

BSMS Degree

geared towards long term athletic development. Other layers could include diet,lifestyle and morale. (Credit to Max Shank Master RKC)

Always see yourself as a student.  If you believe “you know enough” or “you got it, you don’t need to know more about it and there is nothing I can be taught” then you’re done.  Fact is,you don’t got it, you NEVER had it.  I still study daily and I have more than 20 years of experience. I can say with confidence that If you’re not finding something new to learn on at least a weekly basis then you’re not looking in the right places.                                                                                    “Whether I went to school or not, I would always study”                                                    The RZA


The Training for Warriors Family

Love what you do.  If your clients are not happy to see you and you are dreading seeing them again then there is something very wrong with the relationship.  Truthfully some people are never happy and if that remains the case despite your best due diligence I highly recommend you reconsider the relationship (aka fire the client.)   This is the last course of action but will benefit both of you. The worst case scenario being what I refer to as the “negative training trifecta.”

1. You and the client do not get along.                                                                                                 2. The client does not put in their share of the work.                                                                           3. The client is not reliable.

 The client is either not ready for you, or not fully committed.  They are wasting their money on results that likely will not happen.  You are putting an energy vacuum in front of you that will eventually effect your performance as a trainer.   By all reasonable means attempt a rescue, but know when to abort.


One thought on “2014 in Review and Message to Trainers

  1. steveygaddis

    Good arrice Chris. Movement basis are the starting point. If your client cant raise their arms overhead without weigh… Dont give them overhead exercises with weight.
    Figures out where the issue is and work on realeasing that problem then strengthen.
    Have a great year Chris and all trainers!


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