Arch-nemesis are friends from a long time ago that have more or less equivalent powers, but also have opposing ideologies. They are therefore always fighting with each other.

In popular culture…
Obi Wan Kenobi had his Darth Vader
Professor Xavier had his Magneto
Batman has his Joker

….and I have he (a fellow blogger and fitness professional) who shall not be named. We are not enemies and harsh words have not been stated between us. If my life becomes a comic book, I think he is supposed to be my arch-nemesis.

Preface: I don’t hate the guy and I have no reason to hate him. That said, I disagree with some of the information that puts out. In fairness, the gentleman has several articles posted that I do agree with and he seems (at least online) like a likeable fellow.

What makes him my arch-nemesis then? Glad you asked.
In my opinion, his material presents a highly averse position against exercises and training modalities that have been proven effective for a wide range of the population. Being fair, there are exercises out there that should not be performed by certain people (Senior Citizens performing box hops on their first session anyone?) but to state absolutes with entire training methods I believe is wrong.

What is he saying for us not to do? Here are a few….
“Avoid suspension trainers”
“Avoid overhead press”
“Avoid kettlebells”
“Avoid Yoga”
“Avoid accessory work”
“Avoid cycling”
“Avoid cardio machines”
“Avoid leg curls”
“Avoid hip thrusts”
“Avoid R.I.C.E” (Rest Ice Compression Elevation)
“Avoid thick bar training”
…and on and on.

(I didn’t have the heart to see if he wrote “Avoid the barbell squat and Avoid the Deadlift.”)

Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of the leg extension but recognize its value in post-rehab and local hypertrophy building. Suspension trainers have a limitation when it comes to strength development but can be excellently used in mobility work or as part of a HIIT routine.

Kettlebells and Barbells, including the overhead press are staples of my current program and Yoga has forced me to see value in mobility work.

I’m curious as to what he advises for exercise selection.


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