Beginners Mind



The idea of an official practice uniform in Japanese Martial Arts is a fairly recent innovation.  The belts were simply something to keep the top closed during practice and they were all white, or at least whiteish.  As a story goes, over time the sweat and blood of the martial artist would stain and therefore darken the belt.

The most dangerous guys in the training hall would be the guys with the darkest belts.

.After even more time, the material would start to wear away, revealing the whiter underside of the belt and renewing the process.

The belt in photograph above is mine. I have been a black belt since 1982.  I was a former national champion in my sport and taught instructor courses in the United States and abroad.  As a Strength and Performance coach I am often tapped by other professionals for help across all sorts of client issues.

Last week I decided it was time to become a white belt again.

I have hired my own kettlebell coach from the StrongFirst school of strength.  My kettlebell techniques according to my teacher are not bad, but can certainly be improved.  I know that through her I further develop as a person and coach.

There is great joy in allowing yourself to have a beginners mind.


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