Lose Weight, Get Strong, Feel Great

I am presently taking the Training for Warriors Level 2 certification course and enjoying it greatly. I highly recommend trainers check out Martin Rooney and the Training for Warriors system.

One of the early lectures I sat through listed the TFW formula for success in helping people lose weight,get stronger and simply feel better. I’ve decided to share it with the masses since many of my readers do not have trainers/coaches or are trainers themselves and could bring this formula into their own training sessions.

The formula
4D x 4E
2 ST + 2 SP + 12TP
= Results

Formula Breakdown:
4D means training occurs 4 days per week

4E means forever. Weight loss is not an overnight process, it is a long term war and once the desired weight is achieved there is the matter of weight maintenance.

2ST means two days are reserved for strength training, 2 SP means two days are reserved for speed (metabolic) training.

12TP is the twelve guiding principles of effective training.

1. Education
2. Solid Foundation
3. Continuity
4. Periodization
5. Individualization
6. Progressive Overload
7. Specialization
8. Training Economy
9. Variety
10. Recovery
11. Nutrition
12. Safety

WU means warm up. A proper and targeted warm-up is the cornerstone of a successful workout. Metabolic workouts typically require a longer warm up due to their brief, action fueled nature while strength sessions require shorter warm ups.

PP/LC is the strength training split. Day 1 is Push-Pull exercises, Day 2 is Lower body and Core related exercises.

ADSR stands for Acceleration, Deceleration, Stopping and Reacceleration. These elements are particularly seen in speed training, Kettlebell/Olympic lifting and plyometrics.

W20 is the “Warrior 20” food list. A list of 20 high nutrient performance foods that make dieting and food shopping easier.

8hrs is the recommended amount of sleep you get each night.


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