Circus Tricks II

 After finishing my blog “Circus Tricks” I was sitting around bored one day (which doesn’t happen very much) questioning the allure circus tricks hold. I honestly believe I would fire a circus trick trainer as they violate three of my big client rules:

(1) Don’t hurt the client

(2) Don’t make the client look like an idiot

(3) Don’t do stupid sh!t.

Any rate, I came up with a few possible answers.

For clients

1. They are generally difficult to perform and can be bio-mechanically complex. This gives the person the sense that they are “really working out.”

2. Circus tricks involving props (I.E. Bosu, Battleropes, Kettlebells, Bands et al) appear far more “advanced.”

3. Quite likely more entertaining. Squatting with a barbell can be outright miserable, squatting while straddling two large plyo boxes with a much lighter kettlebell is comparatively much easier.

4. The client doesn’t know any better.

For Trainers

1. Circus Tricks don’t present a movement with a high need to correct the users form or track multiple performance variables.

2. It is pretty easy to con someone into believing the training is either functional (has some transfer to the needs of life or sport) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or is taken from CrossFit, especially if the person has NEVER trained in CrossFit.

3. Since heavy weights are not used the trainer never has to explain that women won’t get bulky doing this sort of training nor lug anything  heavy around the gym.

4. The circus tricks can be made compound or isolation movements. Simply being able to graft one circus to another takes care of this problem.

5. YouTube is a veritable encyclopedia of circus trick ideas.

6. Programming isn’t necessary since every workout is different. 




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