Circus Tricks

I broadly define circus tricks as things I see in the gym that defy logic or experience. Typically circus tricks involve the use of props, but that isn’t always the case.

Two Large Rogue Plyo Boxes set about 2 feet apart
+ 1 heavy rubber band
+ trainer providing resistance to the band.

Client has heavy band around her waist has to hop up onto the first box while being restrained by trainer, then hop off into the small open space, then up onto the 2nd box (again being restrained), hop off and then sprint 20ft (still being restrained by the trainer holding the band) and then repeat.

But the silly stuff doesn’t end there, not when the gym has Battleropes, kettlebells and an Erg Rower!

His kettlebell instruction involves mostly movements that I don’t think any kettle bell coach would recognize.

I know I sure don’t

RKC. StrongFirst or Kettlebell sport have nothing that even remotely looked like these movements.

Neither did the non-Kettlebell centric Training for Warriors, NASM or NSCA.

The “Squat-Two Hand Kettlebell Swing- Broad Jump repeat for 20 feet”move.

The “Tie a kettlebell to a battlerope, run carrying the kettllebell 20 feet, then run back and drag the rope back” move

The “Straddle atop two tall Plyo boxes and Plié Squat with a Kettlebell” move.
What exactly does the elevation do that simply reversing the kettlebell (heavy end up) not do?

The “Dumbbell tricep kickback”. Which is a legit lift….except when you use a small kettlebell to do it…of all the possible tricep exercises this is possibly one of the lesser effective options.

The overhead tricep extension. Again a legit move, except when done with a 10lb kettlebell, while sitting atop a Glute Ham developer.

And there is what happens with other gym equipment….

Using the concept 2 rower seat for abdominal rollouts….instead of the actual ab wheel (or barbell)

Using the seated row machines to perform 12.5lb cable curls…after having done regular dumbbell curls. OK …not a terrible way to hit the biceps, but a neutral grip seated row will not only work the back,abs and shoulders it will also put the bicep brachialis (aka the peak you want ) in the firing line under a far higher amount of weight.

My favorite to date; A wide leg plank with one hand on a Bosu and the free arm working a battle rope. It sounds difficult, but what exactly is it supposed to accomplish?


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