Fire that Trainer!


Las Vegas isn’t quite the big city it is made out to be but is home to high number of gyms relative its size.  Between my home and gym there are at least 12 gyms that I am aware of, including 3 nationally franchised gyms.  (Note: Yoga/Pilates studios were not counted, if they were the number would easily double.)


“Chris…word on the street say’s Globo-gym is getting a shipment of 2015 Hip Abductor machines…the turbo editions!”

 One of the advantages (and sometimes a disadvantage) this proximity gives is the ability to network with other trainers.  Aside from the social aspect it provides insights into the gyms culture, the clientele base and the trainer hiring criteria.

It’s like having spies everywhere.


…Unfortunately, having eyes everywhere usually seems to only highlight the negatives.  Usually this involves either the wages paid or the quality of the trainers hired by the gym.  When the two factors are put together it becomes quite evident when a gym values sales skills over anything else and when the gym looks to recruit and retain higher quality  talent instead of cheap easily replaced laborers.


I highly recommend this book for Personal Training development.

 As a condition of my hiring as an in-house trainer (I.E. not receiving any money or clients from the gym) by my gym I had to provide my resume’, a cover letter, copies of all certifications and credentials in good standing, proof of liability insurance and current CPR/AED certification.  It helped that the gym owner recognized me from my days as a commercial gym trainer and that another in-house trainer on staff could personally vouch for me.

My gym owners are quite serious about owning a top-quality gym and staffing it with some of the most in demand trainers in the Las Vegas area.

Despite my role as an independent trainer, I consider my service and professionalism as a reflection of my employer.  The owners take their job quite seriously as do I.  I believe this line of thinking is lost on some trainers, especially in such an entitlement minded society. I further believe the concept is totally lost on the greedy and lazy.

Fire that Trainer!…The Movie

In the case of both commercial and independent trainers, I have, on far too many occasions witnessed trainers that wouldn’t remain hired by a gym with performance standards. Somehow these individuals are making their way through life as a trainer with only a minimal effort…at their clients’ financial expense and risk of getting hurt.  It’s purely my opinion, but these trainers will never evolve unless they decide to make a change and reach their higher potential.

In numerous past blogs I have provided some of the warning signs when determining if your trainer sucks, well, now I’m providing visuals.


The trainer is the guy in the red shirt.

What is not posted is the video of the trainer working in extension bench sets with the client.  The trainer is getting in his own workout DURING the clients’ paid for time.  (1) The trainer is on his mobile phone while supposedly training/neglecting with client.  (2) At no time does the trainer appear to be paying attention to, or correcting the clients form.  (3) This trainer sucks and needs to be fired.   Personally, I would fire the person that hired him in the first place and then fire the trainer.

If the trainer is certified, which has a 50% chance at best, then his credential should be revoked simply due to being a jacka$$..

The video and photos were taken  by a member of the gym, not a trainer.  This tells me a few things…

1.  This sorry excuse for a trainer blatantly pulled this stunt in full view of the entire gym without concern.  He probably never considered the fact that others might see this, or did and plainly doesn’t care.

2.  The trainers’ behavior was obvious enough to cause a person to halt their workout and record it, which in turn means this either happened previously, or went on long enough to create attention. Neither situation is a good thing.

3.  If one person saw it, others saw it. In any gym, people watch people and people talk to each other.

4.  Since this is a staff trainer, his actions reflect poorly on his employer and the rest of the gym trainers.

5. I believe the trainer doesn’t give a crap and views the client as an ATM with legs

6.  The gym will hire substandard trainers since they are a cheaper source of easily replaced labor; allow substandard/unsafe training to occur and probably charge a premium for personal training services.

7.  Management is not keeping their eyes on the trainers.

I could further speculate…

8.  The trainer possibly doesn’t know this isn’t professionally acceptable behavior.

9.  The trainer may claim he cares about his clients, but his actions clearly do not support this.  The trainer may claim he is working in to “motivate the client” but to that I call BS.

10.  Deep down the client knows this isn’t right.  Until he speaks up this will continue.


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