My Trainer Chris Fan Mail (International Edition!)

Aloha’s everyone,

I’ve enjoyed corresponding with a few MyTrainerChris followers and decided to share some of the fan mail I’ve received.


First Up, Singapore…

Dear Chris, I love reading your blog and now my personal trainer is also following you.  If you ever visit Singapore please come to our gym.  We would love to host you!

Sally in Singapore (and Trainer Cathy)

Thank you very much Sally!  I have been to Singapore several times and absolutely love your country.  If I ever decide to become an ex-pat, Singapore is high on my list of  choices.  If you or trainer Cathy visit Las Vegas please contact me for a complimentary workout.  (Little known fact: I have a Lion head tattoo….maybe I’m supposed to be in Singapore)Image

“Hello Singapore! Who’s up for a Kettlebell Workout?”


 Next Up, Manitoba,Canada…

Hi Chris,

My trainer has me only on machines.  I’ve been with her for 3 months and that is all we ever do.  Is this ok? 

“Machine Man in Manitoba”


You asked the wrrrroonnnnngggg guy.  

Hi there Machine Man in Manitoba, not knowing your trainer, her methods or your specific goals makes this a hard call. 


Since you took the time to write, I’ll show you the love…

Some trainers love their machines, others are purely old school and some are selective in their choice of free-weights/machines. 

Have you addressed this concern with your trainer? Have you had the chance to observe your trainer with her other clients to see if you are all trained the same?   I’m going on the assumption that your trainer is with you while you are on the machines, not what the trainer expects you to do on your own.  Going off what I’m given I will offer a few scenarios that will hopefully help.

 Not a bad thing.  Your trainer has you working with several machines in a circuit with very short breaks between.  Resistance training performed in a circuit has cardio benefits and if enough machines are used then a full-body workout can be achieved in a short workout. 

For this to be effective, the resistance (weight), volume (amount of repetitions) must increase, or the density (break times) decrease in order to progress.  Better if the pairings of machines work opposing muscles such as push and pull, or upper-body then lower body. 

There are several medical condition where full body workouts are suggested.

Not what I would consider a good thing.  The weights are not challenging and the breaks long.  Heaps of repetitions at unchallenging weights do little to build muscle, and since it is on a machine does even less to train movement patterns.  It does however cut down the amount of work a trainer has to put into a session or programming.


If you are using multiple machines that work the small muscle groups (e.g. Bicep Curls to Preacher Bicep Curls to High Bicep Curls) and none of the bigger muscles (Seated Row, Isolation Chest Press, MTS Row) and you are not in a rehabilitation program then you are not getting a very good return on investment.    

What I would consider a bad thing.  If the trainer told you that machines are safer than free weights then you have been fed a lie.  If the trainer said machines will tone you up and not make you bulky unlike free-weights then you have been seriously lied to.


Last but not least, some e-mail love from the Philippines.

“Hey A$$, Why all the hate on the Shake Weights?  You’re always with the negatives, like a big freaking zero.”  Shake Master of Man-illa.


Normally I would have a string of smart a$$ comments….but since you’re obviously a Harvard man I will tell you to max out reps with those shake weights like there is no tomorrow.  To gain maximum benefits, you should use wrist straps to work the shake weights while on a BOSU ball and all forms of cardio equipment.  Frankly, I am waiting for the day where gyms have shake weight racks and those darn CrossFitters, MMA Athletes and Powerlifters get with the program.  


“Honey…don’t forget get your pre-intra-post shake off drink”

Make sure you get in a strong pre-workout formula to up your intensity and take in EXACTLY 24g of top shelf protein and 75g carbohydrates EXACTLY within 42.5 minutes post shake-off to take full advantage of the golden anabolic window.  Post-Post Workout you’ll need to re-fuel heavily, while I cannot offer exact meal plans, I can say that ALL PIZZA’s are to be considered PERSONAL SIZED.

(Truth Time: The last e-mail came from a friend living in the Philippines.)




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