Moving Day

I recently decided to end my current employment as a staff trainer with Gold’s Gym Las Vegas.  I am grateful for the experience Gold’s Gym provided me and through them I had the opportunity to meet several exceptional trainers and worked with more than 100 fantastic athletes between the ages of 15 to 77 years old.

To my current, and former athletes, I’m already starting to miss you guys, but Las Vegas isn’t a very big town and I’m not leaving the game, just changing teams.

To Trainers Soonya, Eric, Corey and Mike, I already miss you guys and wish you the best.  If If I ever decide to move from trainer to gym owner you can expect a call from me.

So with all the mushy stuff out of the way….what’s next?


Independence is beautiful.

I have decided to continue working as a Personal Trainer in an independent capacity.  This will prove to be an interesting time for me, but one that I believe I will enjoy success in.   People that know me can verify that I’m not the sort of guy that lacks confidence in himself, now is certainly not the time to change.

Self Competitor



2 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Stacey Fournier

    I’m sad and yet excited because you will have free raine to do what you love the way you want. I’m your client as soon as you get settled and will spread the word. I feel overall stronger, motivated and determined to believe in mysf as much as you have in me. I wish you all the best….


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