So a Powerlifter hugged me….

Had a great workout the other morning at a local CrossFit box.  I was having a little post-WOD chit-chat with a husband-wife pair I sometimes train with and was just about ready to call it a morning.  Then I heard it…..

“Hey…Hey man…can you spot me ?”

I wanted to be a smart-a$$ and point at him saying “Ok…there you are ” but wisely chose otherwise.

The question came from a gentleman I’ve seen come into the box a few times to take advantage of the Olympic Weights.  In this particular case, the gentleman is around 6ft 5in and has to be around 330 lbs.

The spotting required was for a massive amount of weights on the barbell.  Although my math is not always at its savviest, I can state without a doubt the weight on just one end of the barbell was waayyy over my 172 lb bodyweight.

The conversation went something along these lines. (Slightly Edited)

“Sure” I say to the big man…”Are you doing reps (multiple lifts) or for PR (Personal Record)”


“How you feeling this morning?”

“I don’t know.”

“You better get that crap out of your head!..What did you come in here for?..You came in to pick big crap up.”

Amazed silence


My initial thoughts were “It’s a deadlift..if he can’t get this up the bar will just stay there.”

My new powerlifting friend approached the bar in the manner of a person that has deadlifted literally 10 thousand times, his movements and positioning were as fine as I have ever seen.

Although all technical points were spot on, something still didn’t look right.

He began the mighty heave…..and lifted the plates roughly 1/4 in off the floor before dropping the bar.  He turned around to me and honestly looked like a 330lb flushed face massive 10 year old.

Time for some MyTrainerChris love.


This is how I felt inside, on the outside I was my usual good looking self.

“You got 4 minutes to recover…then you’re picking that crap up for real.  Don’t tell me you’re going to walk out the door today leaving that crap sitting there….oh hell no!.

4 minutes later we’re back at the bar with fresh chalk applied.  In a moment of either sheer stupidity, or absolute faith in my ability to impart confidence, I actually squatted down IN FRONT of this massive person and the barbell to issue motivation and fragmented coaching cues.

I would love to say this unorthodox approach would motivate the powerlifter towards a successful lift, as I’m sure he certainly wouldn’t want to drop a barbell on a person half his size…then again I can be a demanding pain in a$$ sometimes.


This very well could have been the outcome had I pushed the Powerlifter a bit too far.

A mean mug, some highly directive and rather explicit instructions and BAM!… He takes the lift fully and in superb fashion.

“Wham!” drops the barbell and I swore it caused me to bounce on the platform as well.

According to eyewitness testimony, I was last spotted grinning and clapping loudly like I do when things are going well.   The next thing seen was 330 lbs of sweaty power lifter (aka 330 lbs of Meat and Cheese) engulf me in a Bro hug.  The only parts of me that were visible were one of my hands and a single red Reebok Nano sneaker which appeared to be “twitching.”


Every Bro Hug 101 rule was broken…but so was a Deadlift PR.

Having my face pressed between another large mans sweaty pectorals is one thing, having his dirty man beard wipe across my face and over my bald head was quite another.  I swear I heard the muffled laughs of the wife from the husband&wife pair.  After HE decided to let go of his Bro Hug of doom (as if  I had a choice in the matter) I congratulated him on his PR and slapped a MyTrainerChris business card in his hand.


A strikingly accurate artists rendition of me post bro-hug.

“Dude…hehehe…look at you! You smell like him hehehe” says the husband.  It’s true, I had chalk dust and man sweat not of my own origin all over my front,back and head and been called “dude.”


“Your face and head were all in his beard!” says the wife.   Showing her my teeth..”Do I have any beard pubes in my mouth?”


 I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a multi-head shower system.  Now I have one.

When I got home I took two showers, I didn’t think the first one took.

Yep…it was a great day at the box.


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