Motivated and Serious


It was actually a pretty dead Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the gym.  The common theory is that all the New Years resolution’ers were too sore from working out non-stop since 1 January and HAD to take days off.  It’s crazy enough to be true.

While making a little small talk with fellow trainers prior to our monthly meeting, I was informed that one of the staff trainers is presently “only taking motivated and serious clients.” 


It sounded pretty serious to me.

 In this case “Motivated and Serious” meant no fatties, no old fogies, no weaklings and without a doubt definitely no “broke” people (I.E. people with joint problems, mobility issues or health concerns.)


Looks like I found his ideal clients….not sure about the bald guy in the back, he might be chubby.

 Basically he’s only accepting fit/near fit people with better than average body fat readings, health profiles and physical abilities…preferably on the lower end of the age scale.

 Translation: He refuses to work with people that could present a possible challenge.  He wants to work with people that are comparatively easier to train.


Really, I’m actually okay with that…on multiple levels actually. 


 Optimist Trainer Chris thinks…

The trainer may not be equipped with the skills needed to train these populations, or at least lacks the confidence needed for such. In this case, he avoids any potential issues.  (Those are some awfully THICK Rose colored glasses being worn…think Hubble Telescope level optics and you’ll be close.) 



  Realist Trainer Chris thinks…

The trainer gets paid the same session rate regardless of client complexity, why should one work harder than one should have to?  ( I didn’t say it was a good line of thinking, but it is realistic.)




Pessimist Trainer Chris thinks…

The trainer strikes me as a lazya$$ with limited skills. (Perhaps this should have been filed under Realist Trainer Chris)

Personal take on the situation

The actions of others have little, if any impact on me.  The trainers’ position, and opinion is their own and does not reflect on all trainers. Last I checked neither the words “motivated” or “serious” are attributes solely reserved for the young, fit, attractive and healthy. 


In my (and Websters) understanding of the English language,lazy and flakey are the antonyms of motivated and serious. 


“It’s a little wooden box….how bad tough could it be?”   Heh heh heh…yeah, go on thinking that.

In full disclosure, I too only want to work with the Motivated and Serious.  I consider myself Motivated and Serious and have a firm belief that Steel sharpens Steel.  I’ve found that the opposites, Lazy and Flakey, tend to out themselves rather quickly and don’t last long with me.  A good coach/trainer brings out the best in an athlete, regardless of the athletes skill level. 

 Taking a stand that I’m sure CrossFitters following MyTrainerChris can get behind, I advise the non-motivated to not apply for membership at their local CrossFit box.  It’s not that I’m trying to take money away from a box, I’m simply offering a public service announcement.  You’ll not only waste your hard earned money, you will become known as the morale and energy vacuum for the athletes actually working on becoming better.  


In the commercial gyms, the unmotivated and unconcerned should stick to the weight machines, thereby freeing up access to the barbells and dumbbells for those of us in the gym with an actual purpose other than converting oxygen.

                                                 Tough Love on Motivation and Seriousness

                                                           Motivate and get serious, or don’t.

                                                         Step Up, or Step Aside…your choice.

                                       You don’t want 300 lb Power Lifters making the choice for you.


                                   “He looks done to me…What do you think, he done?”   “Oh yeah he done alright.”


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