Glute Program

It’s 10:30 on a Wednesday morning and outside is a lovely 50F, with a highs supposed to hit in the low 60’ish F’s.  Such is my life choosing to live in a warm weather state (it was either here or Hawaii….and now Singapore is now starting to look like a pretty nice re-re-retirement option.)

My friends in the Eastern, Mid-Western and Pacific Northwestern portions of the United States are not so lucky right now as it is pretty darn cold out there.   “How cold is it you ask?”  


Always the optimist.

What does my weather report have to do with a Glute Workout you ask?  I don’t know.. but Las Vegas (along with Hawaii and Singapore heh heh heh) all have long Bikini seasons and I am already getting requests from my athletes to build their glute muscles to get ready for it.  Below is your MyTrainerChris Home Glute Workout.


TARGET MUSCLES: Glute Maximus, Medius and Minimus

TRAINING FREQUENCY:  Every other day

ACTIVATION: Rest 30 secs in between sets


1. Hip Thrust                            3 sets  – 30 reps


Perform the first set with the leg straight up and down, then place the leg at an angle to perform the second half and lift straight up.

2. 2-Way Leg Lift                     3 sets  – 15 reps each leg + direction      


Standard Hip Clams can be done indoors. Park Clams are for warm weather places only. 

3. Laying Clam                          3 sets  – 30 reps each side


4. Laying Hip Adduction           3 sets  – 15 reps each side


5. Pointers                                3 sets  – 30 reps alternating sides



Rest 60 secs in between sets



One of my favorite squat photos.


Just because Trainer Chris isn’t around doesn’t you’re not going squat.

1. Air Squats                            3 sets  – 20 reps – Squeeze glutes at top


Note the position of the heels on the far right portion of the image.  I used to make jokes about this exercise until I lit myself on fire doing high reps of it.

2. Plie’ Squats w/Heel Lift Love 3 sets  – 20 reps – Squeeze glutes at top


As you step up, keep your chest high and contract your ab muscles. Exhale on the knee raise, try to get your knee parallel like the model in the above photo.

3. High Step Up                         3 sets  – 20 reps – Squeeze same side glute at top


THE STRETCHES: Hold Stretches 30-60 secs per leg



Part 1: Push down on the knee until you feel a stretch in your hip.

Part 2: Push your knee against your hand until you feel an activation in the hip and glute.


1. 2- Part Piriformis Stretch


The stretch looks like a long lunge.  Push your hips forward until you feel the stretch in the “front pocket” area of the extended leg.

2.Hip Flexor Stretch

A final note on stretching…..


Am I the only one that thinks Mr. Fantastic and Mitt Romney look alike?



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