MyTrainerChris Best of 2013 and message for 2014

Happy New Year Everyone,

Welcome to the MyTrainerChris website.  I’m looking forward to a great 2014 and getting to meet awesome people from around the world.

In early February of 2013 I was in the enviable position of having two different gyms offering me a job.  The crazy part was that I never put in an application or submitted my resume’ to either gym.  This meant having to decide between my current employer, or heading over to one of the other gyms. My current gym could not offer the same session rate as the other gyms, but did offer to transfer me to their busiest gym where I could increase my earning potential.  98% of my existing clients transferred with me and in a short time I became one of the more in-demand trainers on staff. I decided that a website would provide an information source to my clients that could add to their overall customer satisfaction.  

I never would have guessed so many other personal trainers from around the world would e-mail me, invited me to their gyms in places as far away as SIngapore, Canada and the Philippines for a guest spot or have chosen to follow the MyTrainerChris website.

I would have also never guessed that a client of mine would have suggested that I write a book.  Who knows right?

Life is cool like that. 

MyTrainerChris Most Visited Blogs of 2013 

“I’m losing inches but not pounds”

and the counterpart blog

“I’m losing weight but not size”

My Relationship with CrossFit

I love being your Personal Trainer!

Getting Rid of Belly fat.

The Inner Skinny Person

50 Shades of Trainers – Part 3

For those of you starting (or continuing) on the road towards health and fitness I congratulate you and wish you the best.  The path has many curves, detours, hills and a few potholes along the way but the destination is worth it and the perks are immediate. Focus on where you want to be, literally see yourself as having already won.  There is no shame in asking for roadside help, we all need it from time to time….but I’m not qualified to check your oil, you need to see a specialist for that.

People will tell you you’re Dreaming.  Just Dream Bigger.

People will take shots.  Yet THEY never seem to pull the trigger.

Dreams and Goals are tangible things.

Do Common things Uncommonly Well.

Never Give Up  Never Let Go  Never Give In


2014 Welcomes the New You!




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