A Thursday with my clients.

In case you’ve ever wondered what a typical day is like for a trainer, I thought I would share my Thursday with you.


Yes, the deadlift works that many muscles, plus a bunch of others that are too small to label on the image.

9.00 a.m Taught a 67 year old lady how to deadlift.  Barely used the belt, no straps and she pulled nearly half her weight for reps! Go Bernice!!


That’s the response I usually get when I call for double-unders.

10:00a.m.  Coached CrossFit WOD Single Lil’ Annie (Single unders+Bicycle Crunches.) followed by Tabata Cardio.  Leila hit a new PR and only dropped one audible F-bomb.  Received props from trainer Soonya on my motivational skills.


10:30a.m. Strength and Conditioning with Rob. Deep Squat Thrusters 5×30 followed by push-ups.


Alicia lost a Samsung Galaxy Tablet worth of inches.

11:00a.m.  Knocked 7.5 inches off a Alicia’s overall size since last measurement.


Seems legit to me.

1:00pm.  Led a former spinal stabilization client through a heavy chest workout. Warren: We’re taken measurements Monday and I expect to see a waistline reduction.


I actually used the words Levator Scapulae, Sternocleidomastoid and Trapezius today.

2:00pm Held a consult for a Aussie gentleman with neck problems. Taught him a modification for his neck stretches and worked a little core engagement.  Looking forward to developing a program for him.


“Young trainer Nick, see those people curling in the squat rack? They have given into the dark side of laziness.”

“But Trainer Chris, what of those people half-squatting on BOSU’s?”

“Those guys are idiots, the force of gravity and lack of results will prove such.”

3:15 Held an impromptu mentoring session with a young trainer Nick on suggested paths of study. 


Leave it to me to find ways of making something more demanding.

3:45 Put a smile on trainer Eric’s face after demonstrating some of my more brutal “Man Maker” variations.

Image4:00pm – Found out my client Codi and her friend Stefanie will be participating in Tough Mudder Las Vegas next April.  Celebrated by issuing deep squats and thrusters. ( and Christmas cookies were received, thanks Codi!)


4:30pm. Served as guest trainer for another trainers client. Only did upper body compound lifts since the clients legs were too sore from our last session.


 The Crush Press, one of the cooler sounding techniques.

5:30pm: Covered Crush Press, Barbell Pull-Over and Reverse Grip Bench Press and a unique push up variation with a Lynn.  Based on how well the man presses you would never guess his shoulder formerly troubled him.

Image6:00pm: Fitness Consultation with Kim: Put on point for stretching and dietary guidance for a her daily inclusion.

6:30pm: Off for the night!

I love being a trainer and I have some awesome clients.


One thought on “A Thursday with my clients.

  1. Leila Gallegos

    Love the humor. I’m sure you thinking of ways to change up everryone’s workout plans in some metabolical way. Have to say …. U r the best in the field, though!


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