Loss of Motivation

It is not uncommon for a person engaged in a training program to lose motivation.  I suppose many things could cause this. 

 Possible Demotivators

Lack of tangible results (Inches, Pounds, Performance etc.)

Loss interest in going to the gym at all.

Loss of interest in your training program.

Life presenting you competing or conflicting obligations.

Personality conflicts with your trainer.


Not exactly words to live by, but I will say that it pays to win.

The only way that I can address this problem is to speak to you in an honest and open manner from the heart. Regardless of whatever your de-motivator is, there are a few simple facts that you must face.

  1. There is only one of you. Your body is the only one you will get 
  2. There will always be a million other things going on.
  3. A one hour workout represents only 4% of your entire day.
  4. You are only as weak or lazy as you allow yourself to be.
  5. Excuses burn 0 calories.
  6. Maybe there are real reasons why you are demotivated, maybe you’re just plain lazy and don’t want to put in the work.

Some love from your trainer Chris……

For people with trainers:

Sit down with your trainer and see if your training can be modified or have elements changed.

Ask your trainer if they will train you along with a friend or possibly friends.  Many trainers will not mind training more than one person at a time since this can be financially lucrative for the trainer and it also helps make you accountable for your training.

If you’re in doubt of your trainers’ commitment to you, I suggest you look for a new one.  Pre-supposing you have been doing YOUR part (working out regularly, eating right etc) and you are in otherwise fine physical condition then there is something lacking in your trainers programming.

For people with, or without trainers:

Ridiculous as this may sound, buying the most expensive fitness shoes and personal training plans you can afford is actually pretty motivating.  You will NOT STAND to have your money wasted and will make sure you get every penny/peso/yen or schillings worth.

Never underestimate the power of group exercise.  Zumba (despite my jokes), Spinning and CrossFit all offer proof of this.  One singular advantage of group training is that I believe people will push themselves slightly harder than they would left to their own devices.

About your trainer

 “Lack of Time” and “Lack of Motivation” are not phrases that some trainers understand very well.  Many trainers have been lifelong athletes or gym goers and fitness has been a large part of their life.  Being any other way is simply alien to them.  Other trainers were formerly unfit or overweight and are now paying forward the love in helping others reach a fitness goal.

 Some trainers are far more sympathetic and understanding than others.  Tough love does have its place and for some trainers it is their best means towards getting results.

Regardless of their background, a good trainer focuses on YOU. You can be AWESOME.


The lady in the above photograph is  over 45 years old, holds a legit black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (one of the few female BJJ Balck Belts in the United States) and is BJJ/ Mixed Martial Arts instructor.  She is also exceptionally petite.  Does size age or pain seem to stop her?


Taken after earning her well-deserved black belt. 



 YOUR motivation is what is looking back at you in the mirror.  It is not a poster with the image of a female fitness model or manly-man (unless that manly-man happens to be me….then it is totally cool) it is, and will always be you.  Have kids? A wife or husband? They too are your motivation.  Those fitness models? There are a million of them, there is only ONE YOU.



 YOU are the not the first person to be challenged.


 YOU are not the oldest, weakest, fattest or slowest that has ever stepped up. The strong STEP UP, The weak STEP ASIDE.

ImageJust a couple of guys using explosives to breach a door…nothing to see here.


Why do you start in the first place? Have you lost sight of that?  Are you going to sit there  being a victim or are your going to kick down a few doors? Fact is there will always be doors, but they get easier to break down the stronger you become, (or when you get better explosives.)



I’m sure this guy has other things to do as well.

 Ask yourself if YOU are holding yourself back, and your excuses are simply a means to keep you from realizing your true potential.  Have a gym membership but are never going?   Claim to not have time, yet your gym is open 24hrs? (Got that beat, there are many bodyweight exercises you can do that don’t require a gym or even much space.)


 YOU have the choice of being better than you were yesterday. YOU can take ownership for your life.


or you can let the excuses continue.



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