Being a clients 2nd trainer (or 3rd,4th,5th)

I have recently gained a new client that was previously trained by two co-workers (1 former, 1 current.)  The client is in very good shape and currently trains in kickboxing and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu in addition to training with another trainer at a different gym.

On the upside, I have a client accustomed to working with other trainers.  On the downside, I had no idea what type of training the other trainers have been doing.  While I could have speculated on my co-workers methods based on observation, I always prefer to have accurate information to work with.

So I did what I believe are the right things to do in this situation…start asking questions.

“What type of training methods have your trainers used?”  “What did you like, or not like about their training methods?”  “Do you feel like anything needing attention was neglected?”

A past client once told me that I was the first trainer to ask those types of questions, and I was the 4th train she had at the same gym.  It hit me that perhaps many trainers don’t ask these questions, and simply go about training the client in whatever methods they use.

Personally I believe those bits of information pay off immeasurably.  Afterall, you could have been following the work of

“The accountant trainer”…..

bad personal trainer


This photo just screams competency in action.

“The I’m too sexy for my clients trainer”

how-to-spot-a-bad-personal-trainer“Lift that weight like a man! Lift like me, no wait….you’ll never be like me.”

“The clueless trainer…”


…and books are bad for your brain.

or the “You’ll never get this without me here trainer.”


“Yeah, that sucked.”

Knowing the positives and negatives of past trainers work, as well as what the client values reaps benefits and avoids pitfalls.   For example, imagine the clients former trainer put them through workouts consisting solely of isolation machines…and the client hated it.  Would you want to be put on the spot, or would you rather have known that in advance?   



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