Fighting Diabetes with Exercise and Nutrition

Presented below is a sanitized case file of a client of mine with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and the results achieved between 1 July 2013 to 11 Sept. 2013  The clients permission was granted prior posting and no names are named.

Acronyms:  CHOL: Total Cholesterol      TRIG: Triglycerides      LDL: Low Density Lipoprotein ( aka Bad Cholesterol)     V-LDL: Very Low Density Lipoprotein     HDL: HIgh Density Lipoprotien (aka Good Cholesterol)    A1C:  Hemoglobin A1C / Glycated Hemoglobin    GLU:  Glucose

Client Basic Stats:  64 y.o African American Male, HT/WT: 66in/167lbs (167cm/75.74kg) GIRTH: 37.5in (95.25cm) circumference around the navel.

Quality Control:  All measurements taken by myself using the same measuring equipment, on a bi-monthly basis at the same approximate time.  All labs taken by clients primary care facility.

Exercise Rx: Client attended three 30 minute resistance training sessions weekly followed by 30 minutes of aerobic training on commercial fitness equipment.  Clients programming was based largely on the standards set by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) position on training individuals with T2D. Slight deviation was required to attend to clients upper body muscle imbalances.

Diet Rx:  Following the approval of the clients diabetes nutrition counselor and physician, the client began a 90 day strict vegan diet. SIDE NOTE: I went vegetarian during this period as a show of support.  Truth be told, I had a harder time adjusting to it than the client did.

PRE- ExRx/ Diet Labs                                                          Results!

28 May, 2013                       Reference Range                  11 Sep, 2013

AIC:         11.1                      4.8 – 5.9                                        6.3                     39% reduction

GlU:         272                       70 – 126                                        135                   50% reduction

CHOL:      197                       0 – 199                                          131                   32% reduction

TRIG:        119                      0 – 199                                           71                     40% reduction

LDL:         116                       0 – 130                                            56                    51% reduction

V-LDL:     23.8                         0 -80                                             14.2                 40% reduction

HDL:        57                            7 – 55                                            61                   6.5% improvement

Client additionally lost 2in (5cm) off his abdominal circumference and averaged 2lbs (.9 kg) weight loss per week for a total of 10lbs (4.54kg.)


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