Personal trainers that suck (Part 4, just back from the gym edition)

More of the worst!


The Danger is my middle name trainer.   The things they will put clients through never fails to both amaze, and frighten me.   Tonight for example, I observed a trainer try to make a 50+ year old lady hop up onto aerobics steps.  Although it was only two-steps high, a fall for an elderly person is never a good thing…and fall she did, on her butt (low back injury you say?)    Maybe the trainer didn’t know any better, maybe they trainer….who is far younger and athletic… could perform the technique without any problem, maybe the trainer is training the lady in very basic parkour, maybe the trainer was making stuff up on the spot.

 That’s a lot of maybes.  One thing I do know for certain, the trainer was hired off the floor and doesn’t appear to have any experience training elderly clients.


“Man…Pookie….Bro!…those fat burners your trainer hooked you up with have got you looking shredded!….and ashy…here bro…I have some supps my trainer sold me that will keep you classy, never ashy!”

 The always pushing supplements.  Unless the trainer also happen to also be a registered dietitian they have NO business pushing supplements.  Even registered dietitians cannot say with 100% certainty how a supplement may/may not effect you, especially if you are taking medications.


“Wait…isn’t there supposed to be something written on here?”

The doesn’t give his/her contact information trainer.   Sounds sort of like they don’t  care about you or don’t want you to bother them doesn’t it?  It sounds that way because it IS that way.   Seriously, in what other situation does a person whom you intend to conduct business with NOT give you their number after they have yours?


The “So what do you want to work on today?” trainer”  In my opinion, the only acceptable time this term can be used is if there are only a limited number of agreed upon sessions.  For long-term clients, I regard this statement as your trainer killing their own credibility as a supposed expert in the field of personal training.  Furthermore, I can guarantee any workout that was delivered in this manner will be either (a) Made up on the spot or (B) Be rather generic and tailored to your particular need.  


The has no short-mid-long-term plan trainer.  (1)   Decent trainers think 3-6 months in advance with some going as far as twelve months.  (2)   Great trainers think about the lifetime of the client. 


“Looks like a good time to post a status on Facebook…need a self-pic too!”

 The Texts/Facebooks/Tweets/E-mails during your session trainer.  Once again, this shouldn’t require much explanation.  What could possibly be so important during your paid for time that an electronic communication couldn’t wait 30-60 minutes? 



“Ok Bro…hold it right there… back in a sec!”

The leaves without justifiable reason while supposedly training you trainer.  Yes, there have been examples of trainers walking off “I’ll be right back” and not coming back with a weight/prop/instructional material.  Matter of fact, I’ve heard of this happening twice lately (albeit at different times and different gyms.) 


“Spot!…SPOT!!!!! Sh..Shhh…Shhiiii…ugggggghh”



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