Getting rid of that belly fat! (Part 4)

Mr. Peanut may skip arms and legs day at the gym, but he rocks a monocle like a boss.

Go Nuts
Nuts make you feel fuller after eating than many other foods. University of Michigan researchers found that men who added 500 calories’ worth of peanuts a day to their diet gained no excess weight at all.

HIIT Sprinting

Short, all-out sprints with brief periods of rest is the most effective form of cardio for fat loss, Try a 2-to-1 “work-to-rest” ratio (sprint 2x longer than you rest) Perform sprint intervals for a designated distance (land) or designated time (treadmill.)

“Stressed” is “Desserts” spelled backwards.  Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Avoid Emotional Eating
The desire to snack can come from loneliness, depression, or anxiety.  Usually you will go for comfort foods…which typically are sugary, salty or fatty.  Try blowing off steam in a more productive manner.

I too would be an emotional wreck if I was a 30+ year old man still sporting a Sailor suit (and didn’t happen to be an actual Sailor or modeling for a Scotch/Rum advertisement.)


Shop in Single Servings
If you have to buy cookies, chips, or other processed junk foods, buy the single-serving package over the zoo feedbag sized family-style bag.

Find inspiration. 
Take a digital photo of your current self.  Focus on the fact that you are looking at the OLD YOU.  Note:  Avoid posting these on Facebook or leaving the pics on an unsecured mobile. (and make sure you didn’t photo fail yourself!)

Know your portion sizes


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