What I’m up to while not training clients….

The relationships that form between well matched clients and their personal trainers is something that I truly find amazing.  Although the relationship is professional, the bond that is created is hard for me to express in words.  I think this  is the case with any trainer that actually cares about their clients.

I’m still surprised when a client asks me what sort of stuff I’m doing when not with them or my other clients.  The truth is, I think I am a pretty boring guy outside of the gym.  Among our gyms training staff, I am among one of the busier trainers,  Unique among the full time trainers is that I work only three total days per week  (Mon and Thurs full days, Tues and Sat half-days.)

With so few days in the gym, you’d think I’d have plenty of free time.

But you’d be wrong…...


–  I am currently studying for an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certification in inclusive fitness so that I can best service clients with disabilities.


– Following this, I will begin the  year long certification process as a Medical Exercise and Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist.

– I am further researching diet and exercise prescription for Type 2 Diabetics from multiple sources (AMA,ADA, ACSM et al.)  I continue to read up and learn about exercise prescription for knee, shoulder, spine and hip dysfunctions, kinesiology and corrective exercise.


–  On the diet front, I have agreed to go vegetarian for 90 days with a client.  This is not a huge thing for me as I was previously a vegetarian for a year.


– I currently spend 2-4 hours weekly updating exercise programming for my clients.   I usually spend the same amount of time serving as a consultant on other trainers clients.

joke phone

– I spend exactly two phone calls trying to track down clients that disappear on me without notice.  After two unanswered calls, I file them as MIA.  Whatever spot they had on my schedule is promptly given to a new client.  Thankfully, I have not had to make too many of these calls.


On Wednesdays I  stop at my favorite comic book shop.  But I only buy manly-man comics.




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