I love being your personal trainer!

I love my career as a personal trainer. Not everyone can say they love their career with sincerity.

I must really love it because I just drove an hour round trip for a single client, not because I need the money or am desperate for clients, but because I really enjoy what I do.   This is not to say that my career is without drawbacks, but I truly believe I found my calling in life.  


I get to see my clients results first hand.  This has spanned improvements in athletic performance, initial and sustained weight loss, body composition changes, functional movement and postural corrections, dietary habits, self-confidence, morale and my personal favorites, reduction / elimination of physical therapy needs and being able to physically enjoy life away from the gym.

I get a joy out of seeing client results from other trainers as well.  I think it’s cool to see people succeed, especially considering how hard it can be to earn your life back.


I work in a equal opportunity field.  Women have the same earning potential as their male counterparts and based on my observations are viewed with the same level of professional respect.  

Female clients: You are expected to do work, sweat (that’s right I wrote SWEAT) and grunt every now and then like your male counterparts. Male  clients:  Yes, I will correct your form and tell you to work your hips and glutes.  



Even long days seem to go by pretty quickly.  Having a diverse clientele base I find myself switching gears and using a wide variety of workout programs throughout the day.  Many clients are well suited for the kindly, positively supportive and gentlemanly Dr Jekyll trainer. There are however, a few clients that NEED the loud, demanding, squat and burpee loving Mr. Hyde trainer. 

Since I’ve touched on equal opportunity and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, allow me to make a connection:  Guys: Don’t kid yourself, a Mrs. Hyde trainer is nothing you want to mess with.  That perky 105 lb woman will scare your body into a coma if you try any sexist monkey business…..after you recover from your attitudinal / loudmouth induced coma you might find out she turned you over to a German Volume training loving trainer (whom if your lucky is not semi-evolved) for a special “guest trainer” session.  



 I take personal joy trying to dispel the myth that all personal trainers are meatheads. The meathead stereotype exists for a good reason as there is still an abundance of “trainers” fitting the stereotype. 

I recently came into possession of some meathead trainer quotes:

“Working out should not be fun”  

“I am blunt with people, I call them fat, lazy and weak.” 

“You can use the same workout for every client.”  

I’m not making that up.  Those are real quotes from a paid trainer who is quite the fountain of misinformation.  I keep those quotes in my clipboard to remind myself to be more to my clients than those guys.


I must really love my career because I spend and hour or more reading material related to exercise science daily and never tire of it.  Perhaps I should contact the powers that be at Merriam-Websters and AP Style guide with a new entry:

ABUNDUNCE “Ah-bun-duhns”

Noun:  A overly sufficient supply or quantity of dunces.


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