50 Shades of Trainers – Part 4


31. The skills a personal trainer possesses could be likened to tools in a professional contractors tool belt.  Each skill represents a tool, each tool has its proper place, several tools are multi-purpose and several tools are limited or even single purpose.

32.  A professional maintains and sharpens existing tools, upgrades tools as needed (or as can be afforded) and invests smartly.  

33.  The professional presents his or her skill may enjoy using just a few of their tools the most.   They may even elect to specialize in the use of 1-2 tools.  This does not mean they forgot how to use the remaining tools. 

33.  Some trainers only have a single tool…which happens to be the hammer.


34. In any relationship there has to be some form of chemistry between the two people in order for things to work.  This holds true between client and trainer.

35. Honesty and Trust are the roof and foundation of any relationship  Defects will eventually show up in the results no matter how well covered up.  Even if you used 50 shades of paint to cover it up.

36.  No, squats are NOT a method of punishment, even if one variation is called “Prisoner Squats.”



37. Beware the trainer that seems to favor the hip adduction machine as a warm-up, mid-session and cool-down thing to do…..every session.


38.  Beware the trainer who talks AT you like this….all the time*.



* “all the time” are the key words.

39.  I personally believe there should be some element of fun in a workout.  It need not be prominent, just that it is there.  


40.  There are others that think workouts should not be fun. During my years as a competitive athlete I will state that every training session I attended was demanding and focused, but even the most grueling and painful sessions still had a sliver of fun to them.  Why? because I was doing what I loved and reminded in what areas I was improving, and where I honestly needed to improvement.


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