Chris the Trainer goes to Yoga Class!

Yes, it is true.  I have taken up the practice of Hot Yoga and am enjoying it greatly.  What would motivate a guy known for this…..


into trying something that you think looks like this….


Ok….I’ll tell you, but first let me say I could do that posture too….I just may not be able to get out of it.


What brought Yoga into my life was two specific things.  (1) I felt the need to step out of my comfort zone (Which in this case is the sound of iron being thrown around and the gassy emissions, grunts and bro-hugs given from very strong people.) and try something totally different, and (2) Experience Yoga and speak with Yogi’s to get an understanding of this fascinating way of life.

I say way of life as I believe this to be true.  Fitness, Eating Healthy and Living a life of Joy are all ways of life.

What have I learned thus far?

 – To get comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

–  Without change, nothing changes.

– The more petite the female Yoga teacher is, the more I am going to get man-handled.

– Saying “Coach this hurts” is only funny the first time.

– There is nothing wrong with looking like a dork in a room where you are the only guy.

– The Yoga “afterglow” lasts until your next session, but only if you let it.

– Post Yoga, your body truly seems to want nutritious food.  Literally, you are craving for cool water, greens and some light fruit to nosh on.  You certainly don’t feel like getting 50 hot wings and a pitcher of beer at Hooters.

– It’s for everybody and every body!


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