The Super Foods vs The Legion of Doom Foods


A silent war has been waging under our very noses for decades.  The effects of this war are truly global in proportion and have, in last decade or so, have come to affect the lives of children.

Fighting in this war are the “Super Foods”  against the  “Legion of Doom Foods.”

Provided below is an intelligence briefing on the characteristics on both sides of the engagement.

“SUPER FOODS”  These foods have been naturally occurring throughout time.  Many contain multiple powers including weight loss, high nutrient to calorie ratio and supporting roles to the human body.  Many have simple preparation methods, in some cases having the ability to be consumed raw.  At least two known Super Foods have been previously identified as “Legion of Doom Foods” but have since been exonerated by leading nutrition scientists.

Current Roster

Green Tea – Specifically the Matcha variety.  Contains two different phytochemical antioxidants that block bad LDLcholesterol (minions of the Legion of Doom Foods, not to be confused with the neutral form of LDL cholesterol) and increases good HDL (minions of the Super Foods.)  Know to increase metabolism which aids in calorie burning.  Can b deployed or consumed at any time.

Salmon – Along with other cold water fish including trout, tuna, sardines and oysters is high in Omega 3 fatty acid.  Calorie low and nutrient rich, known muscle building protein for individuals that do not consume red meat.  Deploy three times per week if possible.

Dark Chocolate – HIgh in antioxidants, less sugar than the milk chocolate variety.  The best versions are rated 70-100% cocoa. Deploy as an after meal treat or to impress a date.

Sweet Potatoes – Given their orange glow from the presence of phytochemicals.  Superior nutrient quality and quantity over the red and white varieties but maintain the same texture. A starchy carbohydrate that can be beneficial in weight loss, high in fiber and vitamin B6 and C. Deploy as part of a sensible meal or as a pre/post workout carbohydrate.

Rasberries – Contain ellagic acid, which has been shown to have anti-cancer properties and reduces the effects of estrogen thereby helping with fat loss.  Deploy with smoothies or as a topping to salads.

Pomegranate – Drinking the juice form has been shown to break down abdominal fat and eating the seeds has proven to be even more effective due to the high fiber count present. Suggested deployment is to pair both forms as part of an effective diet strategy.  Deploy daily if possible, drink the juice in limited quantity.

Lentils – Long neglected and overlooked, the simple lentils have been found to significantly raise daily fiber intake and can rev up the metabolism for over 24 hours as a fat burning starch.  Due to their low profile, lentils remain a fairly inexpensive dietary addition. Deploy and consume regularly to stay regular and deployable.

Coconut Oil – Formerly thought of as member of the Legion of Doom Foods, Coconut Oil is not only a naturally occurring fat (like Olive Oil) it also contains lauric acid, which has amazing anit-bacterial properties…think of this as the equivalent to hand sanitizer for your body.

Eggs – Another misidentified Super Food, Eggs are high in protein, low in calories and the tasty yolk has been found to reduce bad LDL cholesterol.  The choline present in the egg helps stop fat absorption as well. Deploy and consume 1-2 per day unless looking to add significant muscle mass to your frame.

Nuts – Macadamias, Pecans, Walnuts and Almonds all have higher natural fat counts as well as fiber. To be deployed and consumed in measured amounts.

Quinoa – A high protein /lower carb seed.  Contains all essential amino acidsto ensure muscle health.  Can replace rice or cereal in several dishes.

Cinnamon – Normally overlooked unless part of a baked good.  Cinnamon  by itself is a known fat burner that lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol and has positive effects on blood sugar.  Regularly deploy and consume on top of oatmeal or cut fruit.

Blueberries – High in polyphenols which break down fat cells and can stop new fat cells from forming.  Low in sugar compared to other fruits.  Frozen varieties can be deployed and consumed in lieu of the more expensive fresh varieties without loss of polyphenol powers.

Spinach –  Long touted as the principle source of power for squinty eyed Sailors with asymmetrical lower-upper arm musculature.  Spinach’s high chlorophyll has been studied for its effect on restoring the DNA.  Best deployed and consumed raw.

Avocado – High in healthy monosaturated fats.  Can mimic and replace saturate margarines as a spread, is a diabetic and weight loss approved food.  Deployment and consumption will not make you avocado shaped.

“LEGION OF DOOM FOODS”  These foods all arrived on the scene of human consumption relatively recently.  All have been modified to a point that some rightfully should not be considered food.  In recent years, scientists have attempted to produce versions of their products to imply they are healthier.  In some select cases this may be true, but in many cases you are simply dealing with a Legion of Doom Food dressed and presented as a non-combatant.

Current Roster

Processed Meats – Including, but not limited to hot dogs and packaged lunch meats.  These  items are generally high in sodium,fat and cholesterol and contain a staggering amount of preservatives and additives.  The nitrates and nitrites present due to the curing process have been identified as known cancer causing agents.

Frozen dinners – It would be best to keep these things on ice.  Aside from high salt, fat and cholesterol counts, these items are generally calorie dense with some containing over 50 grams of fat and more than 1000 calories in a tiny microwave sized portion.

Doughnuts – So innocent looking, colorful and sweet.  What is hidden from view is the enriched, refined flour, excess sugar and transfat…not to mention a possible deep fat fryer involvement adding to the mix.  1 doughnut could equal 10-20 grams of fat and up to 300 calories, that is just 1!  (BTW- A Big Mac has 29 grams of fat and 540 calories, unlike the Mac,you could probably eat 2-4 doughnuts in a single sitting)

Potato Chips – The brainless follower.  A nutritional dud based on any set of standards.  Generally deployed and consumed well above serving size portions.

“Low Fat” Foods – These are the secret agents of the Legion of Doom Foods.  Bad Foods trying to look like healthy options.   Yes, the fat may indeed be reduced, however salt, sugar and a host of other chemicals (what is called fillers) have been added in to make the low fat version taste better.

Margarine – This photo should explain everything.


Blah,,blah, blah,,group intelligence…blah, blah, photoshopped,,,blah blah, staged photo….

OK, you take your chances.  I siding with nature on this one.

Soda – The easiest and cheapest way to pack on weight, not to mention what soda does to your body, teeth, bones, heart……

Ladies and Gentlemen you have been presented with the players on both sides of this war, and their characteristics.  Choose your side wisely.


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